Where there is motion control, there is Weihong——Tong Tongkui, Chairman of Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. [Reprinted]

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Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing motion control system solutions. It is also one of the leaders in the industry in China. It has strong research and development capabilities and strong market expansion capabilities. Today, the Weihong brand has grown into one of the most influential brands in the field of motion control in China.

The founder of Weihong is two doctors of engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University. In 2003, the two registered the company in Pujiang Town, Minhang District, and started a self-made entrepreneurial career. In just a few years, Weihong achieved high-speed growth. For example, the motion control system of CNC water cutting machines has exceeded the domestic market share. 70%.

Chairman Tong Tongkui said that the company’s vision is: “Where there is motion control, there are Weihong products.” In fact, Weihong is forging ahead towards this goal. On April 19, 2016, Weihong shares issued an initial public offering and were listed on the GEM, and also won the honorary title of “Most Innovative and Dynamic Enterprise” in Minhang District.

Changing the situation of “foreign heads”
        later, we relied on
 Tang Tongkui, who was born in 1966 in technology

. At the age of 37, he was 37 years old and once worked in a state-owned enterprise. He said that life is not just to get a salary but to take Dream to fight.

Weihong is a pioneer in the field of domestic CNC systems, especially the control system of engraving machines. Back in 2000, the domestic high-end CNC market was monopolized by foreign brands for a long time, and the high prices made many small and medium-sized enterprises prohibitive. With a sense of mission to revitalize the Chinese CNC industry, Dr. Tong Tongkui and Dr. Zheng Zhikai co-founded Weihong Company and began to struggle in the field of CNC.

Weihong’s earliest involvement in the field of engraving machines is different from the dilemma of “doing everything and not knowing anything” by domestic enterprises. Weihong only focuses on the control system field. For more than ten years, the core products independently researched and developed by Weihong —— “Engraving Machine Motion Control System” and “Cutting Machine Motion Control System” have been widely used in mechanical processing, mold manufacturing, advertising production, laser processing, and water jet processing. , Glass and stone processing and many other industries, and occupy the market heights.

Dr. Tang said that high efficiency and easy operation are the two magic weapons of Weihong series products. The same machining operation uses Weihong’s system to save time and efficiency. In addition, Weihong CNC systems are developed based on the windows platform, which is easy for operators to use. This undoubtedly lays the foundation for Weihong to quickly open the market. Once the products are launched, they occupy an important position in the domestic market.

Today, similar foreign equipment has almost disappeared, completely replaced by domestic brands such as Weihong. “We have branded the control system of the engraving machine as” China’s Intelligent Manufacturing. “

After more than ten years of development, the engraving machine has already broken through its traditional applications. The processing field covers everything from non-metals to metals. From the industry point of view, it also involves advertising, molds, pen making, hardware, etc., and even slowly develops in the direction of heavy industry, such as woodworking machinery. In terms of processing methods, in addition to traditional water cutting, laser cutting, plasma cutting and other methods, there are also laser engraving.

For market competition, Dr. Tang is confident. For Weihong, which has strong R & D capabilities, “we rely on technology.”

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“People are more important than everything” The
         other way around The financial crisis was
 not so easy to recruit people and

start business, Dr. Tang recalled, “The global financial crisis of 2008, especially in the fourth quarter, the entire company did not have 30 employees.” Frankly, from 2003 to 2008, Weihong was still in its infancy, and many outstanding college students could not recruit them. He decided to do the opposite. During that period, he recruited a large number of people. “I want to give it a try, and it will be closed.” It is also because of the market downturn that it is difficult for college students to find a job. Weihong seized this opportunity. A lot of outstanding college students have been saved, and a strong talent pool has been established, which has laid the foundation for Weihong’s future leap. In the first half of 2009, the state introduced various subsidy policies, and the company’s operating conditions have improved. By the end of 2009, Weihong had 90 employees. By 2010, the 2,000 square meters of No. 1 headquarters located on Metropolis Road. The office is not enough.

Dr. Tang shared, “In my opinion, people are more important than anything, investment in the company is more important than buying a house ourselves, and we dare to put more resources in the company.”

Facts have proved that Tang Tongkui’s decision was broken Is right.

Today, Weihong employs nearly 600 people and has a highly qualified and dynamic team, with doctoral and master students accounting for about 30%.

In recent years, Weihong has maintained a rapid development trend. As of September 2017, Weihong’s total assets reached 530 million and almost no debt. The first three quarters of 2017 have achieved operating income of 152 million and net profit of 69.16 million.

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Catch up with the
         long-term goal of “Golden Years” and look at the global market.

Despite having the leading domestic CNC system technology and products, Weihong still made a lot of practical innovations in response to the needs of the Chinese market. “From the very beginning of the company’s establishment, we have established a belief that through continuous innovation, companies can obtain sustainable competitive advantages. In September 2017, Weihong’s R & D personnel accounted for 51% of the company’s total number of people.” R & D investment continued to increase. In the first three quarters of 2017, R & D investment was 31.5 million, which already accounted for 21% of operating income. This fully demonstrates Weihong’s business philosophy of focusing on R & D and innovation.

In addition to the NC machine controller business, Weihong also has two major business sectors, servo drives and robot controllers, which have achieved good results.

After years of independent research and development, Weihong has a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights in the field of industrial motion control. There are 39 computer software copyright registrations; 91 patent authorizations, including 59 invention patent authorizations, 14 utility model patent authorizations, and 18 design patent authorizations; another 31 patents are being processed. The company’s sales income basically comes from products with intellectual property rights.

Dr. Tang holds an optimistic and positive attitude towards the development of the company in the future. As China moves from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing country, the market demand for CNC products is increasingly released. In addition, China is in the middle stage of the process of industrialization and urbanization. It is conservatively estimated that in the next ten to fifteen years, China’s manufacturing industry will continue to develop vigorously, and the demand for CNC products is extensive.

“We are very lucky, just in time for the golden years of industry development.” Dr. Tang said.

The short-term goal of replacing similar imported products has been achieved. The next step for Weihong is to look at the global market.