Weihong’s Industrial Internet of Things solution won the 2019 China Industry

On December 29-30, the 13th China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Conference was held in Beijing. Through recommendation, declaration, expert review, and public announcement, approved by the China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation and Promotion Awards Office, the “Industrial Cloud Platform Intelligent CNC System R & D and Industrialization Project” jointly developed by Weihong and Shanghai Jiaotong University won the 2019 China Product Outstanding Award for Innovation Achievements of Academic-Research Cooperation .

Weihong uses industrial communication and Internet technology to actively promote the integration of industrialization and informatization. It has completed the Internetization of CNC systems and launched the Weihong Industrial Internet of Things solution, which can provide equipment user companies with one-stop industrial solutions for smart factories , And provide a remote service platform for equipment manufacturers and renters.

Since the launch of the Weihong Industrial Internet of Things solution, it has continued to innovate and has been continuously recognized by the industry.

Previously, the “2020 Intelligent Manufacturing and China Motion Control / Direct Drive Industry Development Summit Forum” jointly sponsored by China Transmission Network, China Motion Control Industry Alliance, and China Direct Drive Industry Alliance was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang. Weihong Industrial IoT Solution won the CMCD 2019 Industry Application Award in the field of motion control .

Weihong Intelligent Manufacturing, coming in the future

Weihong Industrial Internet of Things solution is mainly composed ofthree parts: xFactory Intelligent Factory System, NcCloud Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet Platform, and NcGateway Data Gateway .

-NcCloud Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet Platform

Weihong Cloud provides a smart factory cloud platform + manufacturing collaboration platform. Through the web version and WeChat version, it provides innovative industrial Internet collaborative applications.

-xFactory intelligent factory system

In the “private cloud” mode, Weihong can help users deploy servers to install the “xFactory Smart Factory” system in order to provide more professional equipment connection and fleet management functions.

-NcGateway Data Gateway

NcGateway data gateway is the CNC system function expansion software, which provides data acquisition and IP-based communication protocols for equipment, and is an enabling tool for equipment networking.

Weihong Industrial Internet of Things actually provides an online platform for technology and business communication for machine tool makers, users and renters.

Along with a cloud-based intelligent factory system, the Weihong CNC system is not only a set of CNC systems, but also an industrial public service platform and a customized solution technology platform for business interaction between the upstream and downstream of the industry. Not only a CNC machine tool, but also an intelligent machine tool with unlimited possibilities.

As of the end of November 2019, the long-term machine tools connected to Weihongyun were distributed in 209 cities in 32 provinces in China and 79 countries in 6 continents.