Weihong Shares: “Specialized and New” Enterprise of CNC System

A few days ago, the “2019 Shanghai” Specialized and New “Enterprise Publicity List was released, and Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was on the list.
The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economics and Information Technology has comprehensively evaluated the participating companies in terms of specialization, refinement, specialization and novelty. Weihong has achieved good results in technological innovation, market development, brand building, and management improvement.

Strength interpretation of “new special expertise Enterprise”
Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300 508) is a professional CNC solutions for high-tech enterprises, industrial automation and control technology in order to have independent intellectual property rights Basic, adhering to the corporate philosophy of “professional, attentive and dedicated”, to quickly provide customers with personalized solutions.

Currently, Weihong NC series covering all aspects of servo drives, CNC system, accessories, etc. to process software, widely used in mold manufacturing, metal cutting, machining center, laser cutting, water jet machining, milling, mold manufacturing , Metal turning, advertising production, woodworking machinery, glass stone processing and other fields.

Features of 
as the first A-share listed private enterprises NC, Weihong shares adhere to innovation as the driving force for development, currently has a complete independent intellectual property rights in the technology chain, computer software copyright registration 47; 114 patents, of which invention 66 patents were granted, 23 utility model patents were authorized, and 25 design patents were authorized.

With a perfect R & D system, Weihong can guarantee the rapid realization of product differentiation from the underlying technology.

Novel of 
advanced, intelligent, digital manufacturing environment is bound to come out for the production of machine tools covered with a layer of glow. Weihong actively promotes the integration of industrialization and informationization, completes the Internet of numerical control systems, and launches the Weihong Industrial Internet of Things solution, which can provide equipment user companies with one-stop industrial solutions for smart factories, and provide equipment manufacturers and lease Providers provide remote service platforms.

Weihong system now fully supports the Industrial Internet of Things, not only configured with a variety of advanced communication protocols, but also built-in “NcCloud Weihong cloud” industrial Internet platform connection function.

Wei Hongzhi made it and set sail
in 2020. The wind rises at the end of Qing Ping, and the waves become between the blues. On the track in 2020, manufacturing-related people, industries, etc. will usher in more challenges.


In the future, in addition to CNC system products as the core, Weihong shares will improve product quality, rely on independent innovation, improve the core competitiveness of products and companies, promote the development and improvement of various series of products, and expand the breadth and depth of application fields, and will continue to accelerate The application of the new generation of artificial intelligence technology and CNC machine tools has contributed to the development of domestic CNC.