AI Black Technology in Motion Control | Weihong CCD Vision Positioning System

When it comes to artificial intelligence, most people respond to intelligent robots with alpha or various functions. Very few people know that in the motion control industry, a branch of artificial intelligence- machine vision is rapidly developing.

Simply put, machine vision is to use machines instead of human eyes to make measurements and judgments. Machine vision systems use machine vision products (that is, image pickup devices, represented by CCDs) to convert captured objects into image signals and send them to a dedicated image processing system to obtain the morphological information of the captured objects. According to the pixel distribution and brightness, Color and other information are converted into digital signals.

In 2008, Weihong Machine Vision Positioning System (MVA) came out. The system makes full use of the characteristics of CCD imaging sensitivity, good dynamic performance and high resolution, and combines CCD positioning technology with precision cutting technology.


The system can handle comprehensive deviations including translation, rotation, scaling, and related existence. The CCD camera captures the image online. By identifying the features of the marked points or the template, and comparing it with the theoretical trajectory, the error between the two is calculated to correct the actual processing trajectory.

Weihong Machine Vision Positioning System greatly improves production efficiency and automation, and can also be used in hazardous working environments that do not meet manual work or where artificial vision is difficult to meet requirements. It is used in cutting industries such as OGS glass cutting, OLED glass cutting, lens cutting, and advertising KT inkjet board cutting.