Robot industry

Weihong RC series robots provide single-axis to five-axis motion solutions, while meeting different structural requirements, such as rectangular coordinates, cylindrical coordinates, spherical coordinates, etc. The industry has a wide range of applications. At present, it is involved in taking parts for injection molding machines, unloading on lathes, loading and unloading for glass engraving machines, ceramic handling, upper and lower pieces of sharpeners, and so on.

Injection robot
Single-axis servo manipulator
Weihong Control System


Compatible with fixed mode and teaching mode
Supports multi-point placement and stacking
99 teaching programs 99 lines of teaching instructions 99 subroutine calls

Injection robot
2 to 5 axis servo manipulator

Weihong Control System


Supporting RCstudio editing software, support secondary development; support EURMAP-12 or EURMAP-67 standard security specifications; support USB backup or upgrade; classic programs are directly embedded

Blanking robot on lathe
Truss manipulator
Weihong Control System


Supporting RCstudio and RCTeach-box value-added software
supports the manipulator to the structure of lathe 1V1 and 1V2.
Two-axis to five-axis can flexibly switch

Mobile glass carving machine loading and unloading manipulator
Double head glass carving machine / four head glass carving machine

Weihong Control System

RC300 i2

RC300i2 control handle, brand new operation interface, simple and convenient. Seamless connection with Weihong NC65C glass carving machine system, safety signal, joint restricted area, three-axis motor control, with encoder feedback, accurate positioning