Thanks for having you 丨 Weihong shares 3 major product lines to meet you at DMP 2017

From dental rhetoric to export chapters, from ignorance to maturity, in the process, we will encounter the care and help of others to ourselves. Maybe we cannot return one by one, but we must always be grateful to all of us. All this is grateful.
Parents, teachers, lovers,
Friends, yourself, life ……

Thanksgiving, although originated in the West
Thanksgiving, indeed forever in the hearts of everyone

Weihong shares full of gratitude
2017 DMP in
the nineteenth Dongguan International Mold Metalworking, Plastics and Packaging Exhibition
is waiting for you

We will bring 3 major product lines
including 3C, metal, laser cutting
Weihong control system has multi-Z, multi-channel technology, focusing on providing system solutions for the computer, communications, and consumer electronics industries.

Weihong system is widely used in the processing of glass for mobile phones, window lenses, sapphire, ceramics, acrylic accessories, etc .; aluminum processing areas such as mirrors, highlights, and keys. Set years of control technology experience, industry process requirements, with powerful tool management and compensation functions, mature loading and unloading robot system solutions, control accuracy can reach μ level, leading the industry forward-looking technology.

Products in the metal industry cover three-axis to five-axis control systems, including two series of control cards and integrated machines. Leading motion control algorithms, flexible overall machine configuration and user-friendly interface design provide customers with customized The personalized motion control solution has excellent applications in metal molds, glasses carving, denture machines and other industries.
Weihong laser cutting control system can be used with various lasers to make cutting speed faster, cutting edge smoothness, cutting material deformation small, etc., greatly reducing cutting costs, can be widely used in metal steel plate cutting, acrylic, aviation models, advertising crafts, Leather, knife mold, wood products and other industries.

Of course, the standard
driver for various motion control occasions ,
especially the
high-resolution instructions of the Wisdom bus servo driver, are counted on.

WISE servo drives are widely used in general motion control applications such as woodworking machinery, 3C electronic machinery, metal carving and milling machinery, cold cutting machinery, hot cutting machinery, and manipulators.

In addition to the “housekeeping skills” of various industries, we will also dispatch an excellent reception team at the exhibition site.

Thanksgiving, thank you for being with you all the way.
From November 28th to December 1st, I look forward to meeting you, 3E535, Hall 3, Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie, Dongguan!