Shock hits | 2020 new BD500 pipe bender CNC system debut


Weihong focuses on the research and development of numerical control systems. With its core advantages in the field of intelligent manufacturing, Weihong provides customers with a new generation of high-precision, information-based pipe bending machine numerical control systems to help customers upgrade their products and move to the international stage.

Based on the field of numerical control, the 2020 BD500 pipe bender system brings new features and built-in powerful cloud modules to help build a new cloud-based intelligent production workshop.


Virtual machining

Read the actual processing instructions, the entire process simulates every step of real pipe bending, and automatically checks the spatial interference to make processing easier.

Automatic processing of 3D data

No need to edit processing data, directly import 3D pipe fitting model, automatically identify and generate production data, support more than 180 ° pipe processing and display.

Remote maintenance

Remotely operate the pipe bender control system for maintenance, eliminating the need for technical maintenance personnel to tow the boat, saving time and effort.

Cloud data analysis

Pipe bending machine manufacturers can use Weihong Cloud to realize remote equipment maintenance, market analysis, operation teaching, online documentation and other functions to better serve machine tool users.

Action sequence adjustment

Grab and display the whole process of pipe bending, which can be flexibly modified by the user, and there is no pipe bending problem.

Secondary development module

The 2020 BD500 pipe bender CNC system is developed using the Phoenix platform and has a built-in powerful secondary development module, which makes function customization and modification more convenient.

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