Laser Cutting Industry

It can be widely applied in cutting sheet, characters in advertising, household products in kitchen and bathroom and for lighting, display cabinet and office furniture, hardware, engineering machinery, ship and aerospace, automotive parts, 3C electronics, …

NcEditor V12 supports multiple file formats and owns complete cutting technics. And it supports multiple sorting strategies and integrates nesting modules, which helps improve cutting efficiency. Meanwhile, tube cutting supports IGES files importing, 2D editing and 3D display, which is simple to operate. With 2.0 follow-up control module, it boasts higher responsiveness, and with optimized motion control algorithm, its cutting precision improves further.


Applicable Models:


Laser industry

Weihong laser cutting control system can be matched with various lasers to make cutting speed faster, cutting edge smoothness, cutting material deformation small, etc., greatly reduce the cutting cost, can be widely used in metal steel plate cutting, acrylic, aviation models, advertising crafts, Leather, knife mold, wood products and other industries.

Laser cutting machine / plasma cutting machine

Weihong Control System


"Communication card + Ronda controller" adopts serial communication and supports RS232 communication interface; 4 analog inputs and 8 optocoupler inputs, and the optocoupler output is 8 Darlington tube outputs, which can directly drive the solenoid valve.


It integrates a dual-core CPU with a frequency of 2.17GHz, a 60G solid-state hard disk, 2G memory, a control card unit, and NcStudio motion control software. The hardware performance is excellent.


Control system:



NcEditor V12 integrates file loading, designing, output and machining control, and features abundant laser cutting technical parameters, flexible nesting function and tool path editing ability such as lead-in/out, bridge, micro joint, common edge. Boasting advanced functions such as focus adjustment, three-segment piercing, non-mental calibration and so on, it can be used together with fiber laser devices of various brands, such as IPG, EO, GW, SPI, …


Ứng dụng

Laser cutting system: metal sheet cutting, precision parts manufacturing, round tube cutting, knife template cutting and various crafts making.

Plasma cutting system: Sheet metal processing in the advertising industry, hardware industry, cutting of thick plates and special-shaped plates such as chassis and power distribution cabinets.