Weihong’s Craftsmanship Spirit | Three Keys to Good Integrity and Innovation

 Mr. Tong Tongkui, the chairman of our company, is a guest of “Interview with Economic People”

In the program, the host conducted an in-depth interview with Mr. Tang Tongkui, from the individual status of Weihong engraving machine to the future development direction, from the legendary entrepreneurial story to the century-old friendship with general manager Mr. Zheng Zhikai, from The management mind of the company has been interpreted by Weihong’s “craftsman spirit” …

Leading position in the segmentation of engraving machine industry
In recent years, China’s engraving machine industry has developed rapidly. Compared with the situation where foreign engraving machine brands were spread across major engraving machine exhibitions before 2003, China’s engraving machine development has undoubtedly achieved great success. Since 2003, with the joint efforts of many domestic machine tool manufacturers and control system manufacturers including Weihong, domestic engraving machine brands have basically occupied the domestic market and gradually moved to the international market.
In the overall equipment of the engraving machine, the core technology is the control system. In a certain sense, Weihong is a pioneer in the field of control systems for domestic engraving machines. Based on the engraving machine control system, Weihong’s R & D and innovation in the field of motion control has helped the domestic engraving machine industry to start and take off.
Today, at least 90% of domestically produced engraving machine tools use Weihong control systems. These machine tools not only meet the needs of processors in various industries in the country, but also export all over the world, especially for mahogany furniture, panel furniture or European-style furniture. Countries or regions with large preferences.
In the field of engraving machine subdivisions, such as the carving of mahogany furniture, Tang Tongkui believes that Weihong deserves to be the leader in the industry. The achievement of this achievement is, on the one hand, that Weihong recognized the huge potential of the development of the domestic engraving machine industry earlier, and grasped the pulse of the development of China’s manufacturing industry. not open.
If the engraving machine changes our lives, then Weihong’s control system will give the engraving machine new vitality and vitality, making the development of the engraving machine usher in an epochal breakthrough.

Customer-first product innovation theory

For a long time, Weihong regards “professionalism, concentration, and dedication” as the guideline for development. It always urges every Weihong person to take things seriously and take care of them, and based on “honesty, pragmatism, and innovation.” Adhering to corporate values, Weihong has won the trust and recognition of customers.
On April 19, 2016, Weihong was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, achieving leapfrog development.
Tang Tongkui believes that innovation is the driving force for enterprises to obtain considerable development. Innovation not only includes technological innovation, but also includes innovation in all aspects of management, service, and marketing. The ultimate purpose of innovation is to create greater value for customers, and not as a slogan of the enterprise, to innovate for innovation.
In the field of motion control, processing efficiency is the focus of customers’ attention and the main source of value for customers. Compared with competitors, Weihong control system can effectively improve processing efficiency. The core competitiveness represented by the company’s adaptive optimization algorithm can enable the supporting machine tools to process at the optimal speed, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. At the same time, the small line processing capacity of the Weihong control system can accurately perform spatial curves or surfaces. Description to meet customer processing needs. In addition, in the system interface, Weihong also strives to be simple and user-friendly, in line with user operating habits.
Wei Hong’s “Artisan Spirit”
The spirit of craftsmanship refers to the spirit of craftsmanship in the refinement of his products. This should be the tireless pursuit of products by all walks of life, but specific to each enterprise, “craftsmanship” has different meanings.
Tang Tongkui believes that the “artisan spirit” of Weihong people is to make good quality. Quality is the cornerstone of enterprise development. It not only refers to product quality, but also includes service and other quality. Customers will be satisfied only if the company has done a good job in all aspects of quality. The high quality of Weihong’s products is reflected in the industry. As soon as Weihong control system is mentioned, it will be regarded as the best system in the field of control systems.
At present, Weihong has a strict quality control system. The division of labor in the operation of the assembly line is clear. The engraving and milling control system and cutting control system independently developed by the company are well-received due to their reliable quality, excellent performance, reasonable price, and timely service. Customer acceptance.