[Product Promotion] Shanghai Weihong AB Five-axis Water Cutting System

In 1950, when Dr. Norman Franz, the “father of waterjets” used high-pressure water jets to quickly cut large trunks into wood, “watercutting” gradually came into sight.
With the development of the machinery industry in recent years, water cutting products have become increasingly mature and their applications have gradually expanded, and the research and development of water cutting control systems has also been perfected. As the core “brain” of water cutting, the domestic control system is undergoing a transition from a traditional two-axis and three-axis system to a five-axis system that can achieve bevel cutting and 3D cutting.

The “embarrassment” of the effect of AB five-axis machining

At present, the mainstream water cutting machine tools in the domestic market use the AB five-axis mechanism. The AB five-axis can achieve bevel cutting. For the parquet industry, eliminating the secondary grinding process after cutting can greatly reduce the user’s production costs.
However, since the control point of the cutter head rotation and the water column cutting point are not at the same point, the system needs to perform complex RTCP space compensation conversion.
This greatly increases the difficulty of path planning by the control system, which causes the following problems in the workpiece machining effects of the AB five-axis:


Inner sharp corner distortion
The staying time of the cutting point at the inner corner is too long, or the water column vector changes unreasonably.


Because the control point and the cutting point are different, the motion control of the axis is more complicated. If the system does not plan the speed of each axis, it will cause the machine to shake, which will cause the workpiece surface to be jagged.

Shanghai Weihong’s original absolute advantage

focuses on improving the unsatisfactory results of domestic five-axis water cutting processing. Shanghai Weihong selects key personnel for research and development to investigate the current status of five-axis waterjet companies at home and abroad, and collects relevant technical data from multiple parties to process paths Optimized and repeatedly passed the trial cutting verification, an upgraded version of the AB five-axis water cutting system was launched.

Shanghai Weihong AB 5-axis water cutting system provides excellent processing results, especially in the processing of sharp corners and complex graphics.

We present a high-quality sharp corner effect. When the

AB axis travel is sufficient, continuous non-stop cutting at the corners is achieved. 

When the stroke of the AB axis is not enough, the vector change and the speed of the axis are optimized to ensure smoothness at sharp corners.

We guarantee excellent system performance and

provide the best cutting method for circular arc joints with different curvatures, effectively avoiding tool marks on the workpiece surface due to the pause of the cutting point.

Optimize the feed speed for cutting complex graphics to avoid continuous fluctuations in speed caused by machine shake and ensure the smooth surface of the workpiece.

We provide user-friendly auxiliary products.

Considering the complex processing steps of the water cutting processing site, Shanghai Weihong has introduced the water cutting wireless handle in a “customer-oriented” design concept, which can greatly facilitate the user to operate the machine tool and improve manual operation. Operational efficiency saves a lot of time.

The realistic needs of the development of the industry are the direction of Weihong’s continuous efforts. In the future, we will also adhere to the consistent pragmatic concept to bring you more forward-looking technologies, so stay tuned!
Not only is the leading industry solution, but more importantly, I want to tell you: as long as there are problems, Weihong is always by your side!