Weihong Shares “Most Influential Enterprise in Motion Control”

In the past 2016, Weihong has won many awards, indicating that Weihong has been continuously recognized by the market. In particular, the award of “Most Influential Enterprise in Motion Control” strongly proves the positive energy and driving force of Weihong brand in China’s motion control industry. Here, I sincerely thank my friends for their support and trust. In the future, Weihong will continue to focus on research and development, provide customers with better services through technological innovation, and make a loud voice in the industry.
“Most Influential Companies in Motion Control”
At the 2017 Intelligent Manufacturing & China Motion Control Industry Development Summit Forum, Weihong shares with Siemens, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and other companies to receive this heavy trophy under the common witness of domestic and foreign industry professionals-“2016 Motion Control Most Influential company. ” Weihong is also the only company with the most influential companies focusing on the development of motion control systems.
“Smart Control Product Award”
At the same time, at the 2017 CAIMRS China Intelligent Manufacturing Service Annual Conference held in Beijing, the grand results of the fifteenth annual automation and intelligent selection were announced, and Weihong won the two awards of “intelligent control products” and “excellent managers”. .
Weihong NcEditor V12 laser cutting system, together with control systems such as Siemens and ABB, was selected as the “Intelligent Control Product Award”. The award is to recognize innovative industrial products in intelligent manufacturing systems and industrial interconnections. Weihong is one of the few national enterprises that has won the award. This laser cutting system has won the “third prize for scientific and technological progress in Minhang District, Shanghai”.
Mr. Zhao Dongjing, Deputy General Manager and Sales Director of Weihong Company, was awarded the “Excellent Manager” award. As the sales director of our company, he is fully responsible for the company’s marketing system. He has gradually built a sales team of more than a hundred people, established a sales network covering key industrial regions in the country, has extensive industry sales experience, and built a unique set of marketing concepts. .
The following comments from experts
Weihong NcEditor V12 laser cutting system is applied in the field of laser cutting and plasma cutting, providing solutions for metal sheet cutting, precision part production, pipe cutting, knife template cutting and various crafts making. It has the characteristics of simple operation, safe control, accurate positioning, stable and reliable, low maintenance rate, high expandability, rich processing technology, flexible and fast typesetting nesting, etc., which can realize plane cutting and three-dimensional pipe cutting. The introduction of this system provides customers with a new choice in the field of laser cutting.
Honor goes hand in hand with mission. Weihong will continue to uphold the “professional, dedicated, dedicated” corporate philosophy, contribute to the development of national CNC, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the corporate vision of “where motion control has Weihong products”!