Weihong Weihong, grand exhibition | Weihong Industrial Motion Control System Industrialization Project Successfully Started Ceremony

On the morning of September 10, the foundation stone laying ceremony of Weihong Industrial Motion Control System Industrialization Project was grandly held at No. 119, Lane 957, Dudu Road, Qiaoqiao Town, Minhang District. Wu Bin, deputy mayor of Minhang District, Lin Yi, director of Minhang Economic Commission, Yao Yaxiang, director of Minhang District Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, Han Yongqiang, general manager of Xinzhuang Industrial Zone, Chen Qiao, Party Secretary of Yingqiao Town, Chen Dongfa, Party Secretary, Party Secretary Li Mingguo, Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd .: Chairman Tang Tongkui, Deputy Chairman and General Manager Zheng Zhikai, and other government unit representatives, construction unit representatives, supervision unit representatives, construction unit representatives and other guests attended the ceremony. Witness this historic moment.
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During the ceremony
The chairman of Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Tang Tongkui first made a speech on the stage, expressed sincere thanks to the leaders and guests for coming, and expressed strong confidence that Weihong continued to grow and strengthen in the field of motion control.
Chairman Tang Tongkui emphasized that the foundation of the project will become a milestone for the company’s development, injecting a strong impetus for Weihong in technological innovation, improving product quality, expanding application areas, and enhancing the company’s core competitiveness.
Dongfeng Group Co., Ltd., as the constructor of this project, attaches great importance to the start of the project. Zhu Zhiliang, the executive president of Dongfeng Group Co., Ltd., congratulated the start of Weihong Industrial Motion Control System Industrialization Project, and promised that Dongfeng Group Co., Ltd. will carefully organize and scientifically build on the established goals of the project. High standards, high quality, and efficient completion of construction tasks as scheduled!
At the same time, Tang Bo, the director of Shanghai Dongxu Construction Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd., the construction supervision unit of this project, expressed his warm congratulations on the start of the industrialization project of Weihong Industrial Motion Control System, and promised to fulfill the duties of the supervision unit and ensure the quality standards of the project Meet the relevant requirements.
The development of Weihong Co., Ltd. cannot be separated from the support and concern of government leaders at all levels. Subsequently, Chen Dongfa, deputy secretary of the party committee and mayor of Qiaoqiao Town, delivered a speech as a representative of the government leader. It will fully support and cooperate with the project construction, and pay attention to and support the development of the enterprise in real time throughout the process.
The ceremony ended successfully
The subsequent groundbreaking ceremony was simple and grand. Under the guidance of the host, leaders and guests walked through the groundbreaking area and Tongjinjin spade laid foundation stones for the project. There was an instant thunderous applause at the scene, salutes were fired, the excavator started rumblingly, and the robotic arm extended to the blue sky, marking the official start of the project.
▼ Foundation Ceremony ▼
The successful foundation laying ceremony of the project marks a key step in the project construction. It is believed that with the support and help of the government and all walks of life, with the leadership of the company leaders and the efforts of all employees, Weihong will be professional and dedicated Dedicated corporate philosophy, insisting on advancing with the times and sustainable development, let us jointly wish that Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has a better tomorrow!