This fall, we will go to a home machine CNC system feast with Weihong!

Innovation is an important force to promote development, technology is a stepping stone, and the core numerical control system of high-end household machinery and equipment is one of the important forces.
From September 8th to 11th, 2019, Weihong brought the intelligent solution of home machinery CNC system to the Shanghai International Furniture Production Equipment and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition National Exhibition Center (Shanghai. Hongqiao).

The theme of Weihong’s exhibition, “Smart Home Machinery CNC System Solutions”, will start from three application areas.

Weihong presented various innovative technologies and system solutions to the audience. What are the highlights of the exhibition area?
Weihong is prepared, are you ready?
Why don’t you let me show you a little spoiler now?

NC system display area
Handle integrated machine, panel integrated machine, industrial control integrated machine, motion control card … There are
many categories for you to choose

In addition, there is a dedicated software display area at Weihong’s booth, where you can experience the charm of Weihong CNC system on the spot.

Six-sided drill control system

See video for details
  • Planning tool path, jaws automatically avoid drill
  • Optimal position for one clamping, multiple clamping during processing
  • Collision protection
  • Plate editing

Stone processing center 3.0 system

See video for details
  • Support profile import processing
  • Support grinding wheel real-time compensation
  • Simple operation and powerful functions

Quality equipment, servo drive display area
Wisdom drive multi-axis servo driver integrates Ronda controller and driver, with better synchronization between multiple axes, compact structure and reduced wiring. Stronger reliability and higher quality greatly facilitate the processing of multi-axis CNC machine tools in the woodworking industry.

The exhibition site will also display the WSDA series of Wisdom bus servo driver series, covering servo motors with a power of 0.1kW ~ 3.0kW, welcome to come and review.

Weihong Industrial Internet of Things Solution Showcase
Weihong Industrial Internet of Things solution can provide equipment user companies with one-stop industrial solutions for smart factories, and provide remote service platforms for equipment manufacturers and leasers.

Customers are welcome to apply for a free trial version of xFactory intelligent factory system with 5 units per year, which can be used in evaluation and exhibition deployment.
Technology advances to achieve stability, industry 4.0, China 2025, these seemingly distant concepts set sail here!