Have you arranged the most beautiful CNC system at Shanghai Woodworking Machinery Show?

September 8-11
National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai · Hongqiao)
Shanghai International Woodworking Exhibition
has come to an end
. The
highly acclaimed Weihong CNC system on the 8.1C20 booth has
another wave of household machinery.

According to the process requirements of the household machinery industry, Weihong shares a complete set of professional solutions. Customers can choose suitable products according to the equipment positioning, which are widely used in panel furniture, relief, traditional solid wood, stone kitchen and bathroom and other fields.

So the question is, how to choose a variety of CNC systems at Weihong’s booth?

Here are the highlights!

Powerful, Ren Jun chooses
continuous upgrades, think what you think

Handle integrated machine, panel integrated machine,
industrial control integrated machine, motion control card …
Variety of categories, hit the scene

Wei Hongcheng’s “Flow” booth

Be the most beautiful “system” of the exhibition

… for

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