Weihong water cutting height measurement, accuracy can be controlled within 0.05mm

During the water cutting process, the uneven surface of the workpiece will cause problems such as knife collision, poor cutting quality and accuracy, etc. For this reason, Weihong has launched a variety of height measurement solutions.

Laser sensor height measurement When

five-axis water cutting is cutting at a large angle, the error of the workpiece surface height will seriously affect the cutting accuracy. During the processing of large-format materials, the problem of unevenness of the workbench grille and deformation of the material, there will be varying degrees of height errors on the surface of the workpiece. In the building materials industry, the problem is particularly prominent for large-angle processing of rock slabs and stone countertops. For this reason, Weihong Co., Ltd. compared a variety of height measurement solutions and finally chose a laser height sensor for scanning height measurement.

The use of laser scanning for height measurement has obvious advantages and

high efficiency.
Using a high-performance laser sensor with a data sampling period of ms, it can achieve high-speed non-stop scanning height measurement.

High accuracy
Use high-precision sensors for data sampling, and the workpiece will not be deformed during the height measurement. Compared with the commonly used height measurement in the market, the laser measurement accuracy can be controlled within 0.05mm.

High stability
Compared with contact height measurement method, there is no risk of collision, low loss of hardware mechanism and long service life.

A variety of scanning schemes can be flexibly selected according to the shape of the cutting pattern to improve the measurement efficiency.

Matrix scanning altimetry

For a variety of cutting knife path graphics, such as cutting of coffee tables, kitchen and countertops, etc.

Scan Altimetry

For the simple and single graphics of the cutting knife path, such as the cutting of a large board.

Contact displacement sensor height measurement

Contact displacement sensor height measurement is a method of height measurement during cutting. Using this method to measure height can ensure that the target distance is constant during processing, thereby improving cutting accuracy and efficiency, and is suitable for workpieces with harder and smoother surfaces and no scratches.

There are two methods to measure the height of the contact displacement sensor: follow-up height and distance.

Follow-up height measurement When the
surface of the board is irregularly curved or the table is not flat, follow-up height measurement can achieve a constant target distance, avoid collision with the knife and ensure a good cutting effect.

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In addition, for the cutting of plates with regular curved surfaces such as arches and spheres, it is only necessary to import two-dimensional graphics (projected graphics), which can save the programming cost of three-dimensional CAM.

Height measurement by distance
For situations where the surface of the workpiece is uneven but the change is not large, “altitude measurement by distance” automatically performs height measurement every certain distance during the cutting process, which can avoid collision with the knife during the cutting process and achieve unattended Automatic cutting processing.

Standard altimetry
addition to the non-contact “laser altimetry sensor”, “contact-type displacement sensor altimeter”, customers can use a low cost cylinder device, is achieved by software control altimetry IO port.

One-point height measurement
can complete the tool setting work with one button, eliminating the tedious manual tool setting operation of zero clearing.

Three-point height measurement
For situations where the surface of the workpiece is flat but not parallel to the horizontal plane (such as caused by uneven worktables), the three-point height measurement function can ensure that the height of the cutter head from the workpiece surface remains constant during cutting.

It still takes a few years for the dripping stone to pass through, but the “water-cut steel break” is instantaneous

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