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How to solve the problem, “Wei” has NK210T turning control system

I. Core advantages

Fine control 
Weihong NK210T turning control system has high precision for machining parts and good surface finish.
The system has surface fine processing technology:
●  Supports high-precision interpolation: 0.1u
●  Intelligent acceleration and deceleration of small line segments
●  Smooth tolerance control
Efficient processing 
Efficient processing is possible because the system has:
●  Optimized instruction processing  
●  Smooth high-speed positioning  
● Make  full use of the spindle
Weihong HST high-speed algorithm can realize G00 high-speed superposition and super-acceleration / deceleration positioning.
Intelligent servo / spindle control
Weihong NK210T turning control system can be automatically optimized in real time according to the state of the machine.
●  Feed axis: one-button automatic tuning, automatically set the optimal parameters, and monitor the axial load in real time;
●  Spindle: Real-time monitoring of the spindle load and spindle speed, giving full play to the spindle’s maximum capacity, extending tool life and reducing machine damage
Application field
Weihong NK210T turning control system supports high-speed machining of a variety of threads, including multi-head threads, tapered threads, face threads, variable pitch threads, etc .; and turning machining of various bushing parts.
The main application models

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