Weihong successfully listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange

On April 19, 2016, the spring of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange lobby was full of joy and joy. The listing ceremony of Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.’s initial public offering of A shares and landing on GEM was held here. Mr. Tong Tongkui, the chairman of our company, Mr. Zheng Zhikai, the vice chairman and general manager, and the directors, supervisors and senior executives of the company attended the ceremony.
At 9:25 am, with the opening bell of Hong Liang, Weihong was officially listed, which also showed that Shanghai Weihong Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Weihong shares, stock code: 300508) successfully completed its initial public offering.
After the opening, the stock of Weihong shares rose from the issue price of 20.08 yuan / share to 28.92 yuan / share instantly, an increase of 44.02%, which fully shows that Weihong shares have great growth potential in the motion control industry and are favored by investors Predicts the bright future of Weihong.
Weihong is a high-tech enterprise that provides motion control system solutions for CNC machine manufacturers. Its main business is research and development, production and sales of industrial motion control systems. After more than ten years of business and technology accumulation in the field of industrial motion control, the company has mastered first-class technologies such as high-speed and high-precision motion control of complex curved curves, and has formed brand and customer advantages in the fields of engraving, milling, and CNC cutting. The control industry has a high profile. Today, Weihong has become one of the leaders in professionally providing system solutions in the field of motion control in China.
This issuance and listing is a result test of Weihong’s years of business development. With the help of the capital market, the company’s financial strength, business development, technological innovation, and talent introduction will all benefit. As a listed public company, Weihong knows that while gaining the trust and support of the majority of investors, it assumes greater mission, responsibility and pressure.
Therefore, taking this issuance and listing as an opportunity, Weihong will make full use of existing technology, market and management advantages, meet international and domestic market demands with high quality, strive to create first-class brands, and strive to achieve “a place with motion control as soon as possible There is a corporate vision of Weihong’s products.