Shanghai Weihong Glass Carving Machine Automatic Loading and Unloading Complete Solution

Driven by the macro promotion of “Made in China 2025”, Weihong has launched a glass loading and unloading manipulator in the long-term focused 3C glass processing industry. It is also a complete set of solutions for glass carving and unloading.
Glass engraving machine is mainly used to process mobile phone cover glass and mobile phone protection film. At present, the engraving machine on the market is mainly based on double z-axis. Manual loading and unloading are required. Can make the carving machine continue processing without pause, greatly improve work efficiency, and save labor costs.

Shanghai Weihong’s glass loading and unloading manipulator, as a complete set of automatic glass loading and unloading solutions for professional glass engraving machines, can achieve seamless docking between glass processing and manipulating, with precise positioning, simple operation and refueling, and controllable loading and unloading actions. , Good shaft expansion and other advantages.