Weihong AB’s five-axis water cutting system is an all-rounder!

Weihong AB five-axis water cutting system is a pivotal member of the Weihong system family. Since its launch, Weihong AB’s five-axis water cutting system has been highly evaluated by the outside world, featuring high cutting efficiency and flat cuts. The system can cut titanium alloy, copper plate, steel plate, aluminum plate, cast iron, granite, marble, tile, chemical fiber, wood, cloth, paper, leather, plastic and other materials. At present, it has been used in stone, construction, decoration and other industries, as well as aviation and military industries The processing industry is doing its best. It can be said that Weihong water cutting system has become the backbone of domestic water cutting system. Such outstanding performance and achievements stem from its rich functions, excellent adaptability, and continuous innovation and development.

Optimized functions

In order to improve equipment processing efficiency and further reduce processing costs, Weihong water cutting control system has developed 4 functions.

1. Manual copy function rejects flaws

In the water-cut stone parquet industry, for the defective or cracked stone slab material, through manual copying function, the system can manually control the cutter head to go out a regular graphics area in the defective or cracked area, and then generate a DXF file for the operator to This area is removed from the full-page material during medium-format drawing. This can ensure the effective use of raw materials and avoid waste.

2.Code scanning function refuses to be complicated

In the factory’s high-volume, multi-tool cutting mode, manual recording of matching tool path cutting information is too complicated. By using the code scanning function to obtain the tool path number, intelligently match the tool path information. Accurate and efficient work mode customers are more at ease. 

3. Automatic recognition of bevels and rejection of mistakes
In the process of processing jade hollowing, there are more than 100 small closed patterns in a knife path, and the process of artificial setting and detection is tedious and time-consuming. Automatic recognition of grooves improves work efficiency and reduces error rate.

3.Bridge function refuses to be inefficient

In the daily processing process, cutting multiple tool paths caused by multiple switching valves will seriously damage the lathe and reduce processing efficiency. The bridge function will process multiple workpieces at one time, reducing the number of switching valves and improving work efficiency. In addition, for cutting a small workpiece, the cut graphics are micro-connected together by bridging, which can effectively prevent small workpieces from falling below the grid.

Improved Solution

In response to changing market demands and better processing results, Weihong Co., Ltd. proposes a complete solution for the existing AB five-axis water cutting system.

1.AB five-axis machining effect improved

During the water cutting process, there will inevitably be ripples (both in the arc segment and the corner), sharp corners and round holes are obvious, and the uneven seams are not equal, resulting in low processing quality and low efficiency. In response to this phenomenon, Weihong AB’s five-axis water cutting system can significantly reduce or even eliminate the contour ripple phenomenon through special acceleration processing, and because the speed is not limited to a small value, the processing efficiency will be improved.

2.V type AB cutter head error compensation function

There are certain errors in the structure of the unavoidable cutter head during actual assembly or installation. When the V-shaped cutter head cuts back and other tool paths, a relatively obvious “big head” phenomenon will appear. To use the software V-shaped tool head error compensation function, you only need to simply cut the test sample graph, measure the relevant dimensions, and then fill in the software compensation function, and the software will automatically calculate the error and compensate the result correctly.

3. Cutting metal effect scheme

When cutting metal workpieces, the quality of the upper and lower surfaces of the workpiece is generally high. Software metal optimized processing function, special corner speed processing, can guarantee the quality of the lower surface of the corner and other places. The metal optimization function has a high degree of freedom in function use. Users can adjust parameters according to actual conditions and cut out high-quality finished products on the premise of ensuring a certain efficiency.

Weihong AB water cutting system, just for better processing results! The realistic needs of the industry development are the direction of Weihong’s continuous efforts. In the future, we will also adhere to the consistent pragmatic attitude to bring you more forward-looking technologies, so stay tuned!