Stone processing is so easy, Weihong stone processing center system helps you to easily GET

I heard that recently Weihong shares the woodworking product line to do something?

Yeah, they introduced a stone machining center system.

In recent years, with the development of the construction and decoration industry, the demand for various types and specifications of stone products has increased rapidly, which has greatly promoted the development of stone processing center equipment.
Stone processing center? Here should be a grand introduction to the stone processing center system of our Weihong woodworking product line.

Weihong’s stone processing center system, as its name implies, is applied to the field of stone processing, processing all kinds of high-grade countertops, hand washing countertops, kitchen cabinet panels, etc. In order to better realize the carving of cabinet artificial stone, quartz stone countertop and wash basin, European-style edging, and its independent drilling, sanding, beveling, and engraving, this requires the control system to provide on the premise of ensuring processing efficiency. Good processing effect. In order to meet this market demand, Weihong Woodworking Product Line launched targeted stone processing center software.


Supports front water-retaining, rear water-retaining and outer contour forming knife grinding.


Supports 7 working steps for grinding. Each working step can select the tool number, processing speed, spindle speed and feed amount.


Supports direct milling cutter cutting, milling cutter + hole cutter cutting combination.

If a hole opener is not used, the cutting knife is lowered at a “down angle”.

Weihong system is in hand, only need engineering drawings (or you will CAD drawing) and blanks, the machine can produce finished products ~

how about it? Is it my heart?