Confirmed that the performance of Weihong’s WSDA series Weizhi driver is better

Weizhi servo drives have been on the market for many years and have withstood the tests of various harsh environments. At present, servo motors covering a power of 0.1kW-3.0kW are widely used in general motion control occasions such as woodworking, machinery, 3C electronic machinery, metal carving and milling machinery, cold cutting machinery, and manipulators.
After nearly half a year’s on-site processing testing and strict testing in the high standard of Weihong’s workshop, Weihong officially launched the WSDA series of MECHATROLINK servo drives .
 Okay, now let me talk about what is great about the WSDA series Weizhi servo driver ~

WSDA series Weizhi driver inherits the stable hardware characteristics of WSDV series Weizhi driver, adopts a new generation of motor power module, optimizes PCB layout and layout, and further improves product performance and reliability. Optimizing connector types is more conducive to plugging and unplugging cables on the spot.

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Optimized the inertia estimation algorithm, the load inertia estimation is faster and more accurate.







Added some algorithms, such as: second-order torque filter, motor cogging torque compensation algorithm, lower motor noise and smoother speed control.

Aspect 1: Optimized circuit design, shorter dynamic braking distance

Optimized circuit design, built-in dynamic braking module, it can stop quickly after the alarm, and the moving distance is shorter.

Aspect two: core device customization
The mold opening customization of the core device improves the overall quality of the driver.

Aspect 3: The power module uses Mitsubishi’s sixth-generation IPM

The power module adopts the sixth-generation IPM of Mitsubishi, which has higher reliability.

Aspect Four: Institutional and Three Defense Technology Upgrades

The organization and three-proof technology are upgraded, and the harsh environment is more resistant.

Aspect Five: With Weihong bus control system, no external brake signal is required

Aspect Six: Supports dual encryption of driver hardware and control system
Support double encryption of drive hardware and control system, fully protect the rights of machinery manufacturers.

Aspect Seven: The driver-side encoder cable interface is replaced with a DB9-core interface

The driver-side encoder cable interface is replaced with a DB9-core interface, which is easier to plug and unplug and fix, and easy to operate.

Aspect Eight: MII communication interface changed from USB to RJ45

The MII communication interface has been changed from the USB port to the currently more commonly used high-speed industrial interface RJ45, which makes communication more stable and reliable, and provides conditions for future compatibility with other buses.

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Welcome 6-9 June to nineteenth Chengdu International Furniture Industry Exhibition (Century City Exhibition Center) 9B11 Weihong booth, on the ground to see the WSDA series Wei-Zhi driver’s style, the scene is more professional technical sales engineer for everyone Solve doubts.