Weihong’s leading technology and caring services are praised by professional industry associations

This article is reproduced from China Machine Tool Industry Association.

One characteristic of Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Weihong) is that its promoters and actual controllers are two typical technical experts. The company’s chairman Tang Tongkui and general manager Zheng Zhikai are both doctors of Shanghai Jiaotong University. They are professionals in the field of motion control, and have many years of experience in technology research and product development. They have profound insights into the technology development of the industry. The technical advantages of Hong shares. In fact, the development of Weihong shares is closely focused on the research and development of related technologies in the field of motion control.

The professional and technology-leading

motion control industry belongs to the technology-intensive field, involving many related industries, thus forming multiple market segments. Engraving, engraving and milling is one of the more difficult technical fields and has higher technical requirements. Weihong Co., Ltd. first entered the field of water cutting and multi-axis engraving and milling. Since then, Weihong Co., Ltd. has insisted on exerting its own professional advantages and has long focused on the research and development and innovation of motion control technology in engraving, engraving and milling, and CNC cutting. The easy-to-operate motion control system has gradually gained market recognition and has now occupied a considerable market share in this field.

Afterwards, the company gradually entered many professional sub-fields such as plasma, laser thermal cutting industry, metal processing industry, woodworking industry, 3C industry, etc., and began to build a special R & D platform based on application technology to better meet the professional needs of users.
Zhao Hong, deputy general manager and sales director of Weihong Co., told reporters that after entering the 3C industry, he found that the market capacity in this field is very large. The company’s technology reserves. So far, the 3C business still occupies an important share of Weihong’s overall business. It is also because of its early involvement in the 3C field. In the context of the continued downturn in the Chinese machine tool market after 2011, Weihong’s operating performance can basically be Maintaining a steady rise has resisted the downward pressure on the market as a whole.

Zhao Tokyo introduced that the company’s R & D of technology was relatively divergent in the early days of its establishment, and now it is more focused on pursuing and specializing in professional fields to further promote product technical performance and improve product quality. Since its development, the Weihong brand has grown into one of the “China’s smart manufacturing” outstanding brands in the field of motion control. Over the years, the focus and accumulation of technology has given Weihong a distinct technical advantage.

First, it has high-speed and high-precision motion control technology for complex curved curves. Traditional numerical control technology is applied to the field of machining of mechanical parts, and it mainly faces the motion control problems of straight lines, arcs and planes. Compared with traditional NC technology, engraving, engraving and milling technology is oriented to high-speed and high-precision motion control technology for complex curved curves, and its various indexes are more demanding. Therefore, the control system exists in comparison with traditional NC technology in terms of design concept and technical means. Big difference.

At present, the world’s advanced level of this technology can reach a movement speed of 100 meters per minute or higher. At such speeds, it can move along complex planes or spatial curves, requiring the control algorithm to do a look-ahead processing of a large number of instruction segments; speed Many constraints must be considered in the planning. Reasonable speed planning can ensure control follow-up errors and avoid damage to the actuator caused by huge inertial forces. For complex-shaped motion trajectories, each motion instruction only describes distances in the micrometer range, so every millisecond Processing hundreds of motion instructions, the real-time requirements of the algorithm are very high. Because of this, high-speed and high-precision motion control technology for complex curved surfaces is known as the pearl in the field of motion control technology. Weihong is currently one of the few domestic companies that fully masters the core technology and provides mature commercial products.

Secondly, Weihong owns all intellectual property rights of motion control technology. Motion control technology belongs to a typical comprehensive technology category, involving computer software, real-time computing, automatic control theory, microelectronics, mechanical dynamics, motor drive technology, and other disciplines. It requires long-term technical accumulation and a full-fledged R & D team. Some domestic companies use third-party motion control software and hardware as the core, and then provide customers with motion control solutions through secondary development. Unlike such enterprises, Weihong has all intellectual property rights in motion control technology from software to hardware. Due to the complete set of technologies and overall solutions with completely independent intellectual property rights, the company can quickly provide flexible and diverse products and services according to market needs and user individual needs to meet users’ multi-level needs.

Direct marketing is close to users.

In terms of marketing, the technical support of motion control products requires high professional quality of relevant personnel, and distributors under the agency model have difficulty in providing high-quality technical services. Therefore, Weihong chose to use closer to customers. Direct sales model.

Because of direct sales, in order to provide users with more professional and timely services, Weihong shares a lot of energy to open offices in key sales regions across the country, and is equipped with a technical service team with perfect professional knowledge and rich practical experience. When customers encounter technical difficulties or product failures, technical engineers will provide customers with round-the-clock telephone and network technical support. If related issues cannot be resolved by phone or network, the engineers will provide customers with on-site technology within 24 hours (excluding remote areas). Support services.

Zhao Tokyo said that Weihong currently has 19 offices across the country. These offices need the support of a large and well-trained engineer team. Weihong shares the cost of building a solid technical engineer team. A lot of hard work. The company has established a comprehensive technical engineer training system, which provides continuous training in theoretical knowledge, software application, quality control, product operation and other aspects, and regularly conducts theoretical and application assessments of engineers. Each engineer must pass the assessment in order to have continuous customer experience. Eligibility to provide services.

Although the direct sales model requires more effort and resources, this model also brings great feedback to the company. Weihong shares the first-hand information of the industry and the market. On the one hand, the company can discover the quality defects and design defects that may exist in the product at the first time and provide solutions in a timely manner; on the other hand, the company’s business personnel are working with In the long-term communication of customers, they can understand the industry needs vertically, grasp the competitors horizontally, and provide objective market basis for new product development and sales strategies.

To meet the individual needs

is to have a full and timely understanding of the market. Weihong shares realize that with the increasingly rich application fields and the intensified competition in the industry, the motion control market is moving towards a more segmented development. Customization needs are becoming one of the important opportunities for the development of the industry. Following the trend, Weihong started to actively provide customized services to customers on the basis of general products.

On the one hand, Weihong shares the complete intellectual property rights on the technology chain and cooperates with the company’s perfect research and development system to ensure the rapid realization of product differentiation from a technical level. On the other hand, the company has a number of long-term services on the front line, Technical engineers who can quickly and accurately feedback customers ‘personalized needs, as well as a group of experienced industry R & D engineers, can ensure that they can accurately and effectively serve customers’ personalized needs.

By meeting customer customization needs, Weihong has established a more stable and long-term cooperative relationship with customers.At the same time, the R & D team has also enriched the industry experience by providing product technical services to customers, and accumulated for subsequent product upgrades and innovation Substantial technology precipitation.

Zhao Tokyo told reporters that in 2016, Weihong Co., Ltd. was pushing the servo system of independent intellectual property rights to the market. The products are positioned at the mid-to-high end and compete with foreign products to break the monopoly pattern. At the same time, Weihong’s bus technology has also entered the market promotion stage, and has made active technical reserves in linear motors. In 2016, Weihong set up a new R & D center in Shanghai Pudong. The R & D goal is to build a smart factory platform through Weihong cloud technology.

Under the leadership of two doctors, Weihong has always been able to accurately grasp the development trend of industry technology and downstream markets in the development process. Since its inception, Weihong has been a technology-oriented enterprise whose main body is located in R & D. The number of R & D personnel of the company has been maintained at more than half of the total number of employees of the company. Especially after starting to make their own technology R & D platform, the demand for R & D personnel is even stronger. Zhao Dongjing told reporters that a relatively mature and complete application technology R & D platform requires the formation of a team of hundreds of R & D personnel. The number and scale of the company’s R & D platforms continue to expand. At present, Weihong has entered the fast track of development. There are a lot of needs for personnel and other related personnel to ensure the company’s stable, sustainable and rapid development.

Zhao Tokyo emphasized that the company has always been committed to providing customers with overall automation solutions, adhering to the “professional, dedicated, dedicated” corporate philosophy, continuous technological and management innovation, so that customers can get more benefits from our long-term cooperation and help Customers are more successful in the information age. Weihong’s mission is to contribute to the revitalization and development of China’s CNC industry.