It turns out that Mid-Autumn Festival is here too! Weihong laser cutting multi-language pack tool takes you to appreciate the Mid-Autumn Festival customs

Autumn and evening, another year is the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Looking at the bright moon. At this time, we are celebrating the festival. 
Mid-Autumn Festival is also
a traditional festival in Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia,  especially the overseas Chinese who live in the local area.
Although the festival  is also Mid-Autumn, the customs of different countries are different 
The various forms together entrust people 
‘s infinite love for life and the longing for a better future.
Now, let’s follow the multi-language pack tools of
Weihong’s laser cutting system to experience the Mid-Autumn Festival customs everywhere.

Multi-language package tools

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Mooncake Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, this is a warm festival. In the memory of the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is the five-ren moon cake, the rich aroma of walnuts and seeds, and the sweet and crunchy feeling of red and green silk; it is a family sitting around a small round table under the moon to talk about the world …

Japan. Moon Festival

Japanese interface of NcEditor V12 laser cutting system

In Japan, the “Mitsuki Festival” used to be a very important festival. On this day, the Japanese people gathered to celebrate the harvest while enjoying the moon. The moon cake they ate on that day was called “Jianmi dumplings”, which was actually a Jianghuo made from bean paste. This festival is now gradually declining, and only a few places still retain the habit of seeing the moon. Some shrines and temples will hold moon-watching festivals on this day.

Korea Autumn Festival

Korean interface of NcEditor V12 laser cutting system

In South Korea, the Mid-Autumn Festival is as important as the Spring Festival. In order to celebrate the festival, a three-day statutory holiday has been established, starting on the 14th day of the lunar calendar, the country has three consecutive holidays. On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, first worship the ancestors, and then drink and admire the moon. There is no habit of eating moon cakes in South Korea. They are used to eating “muffins” on this day, but they are actually a bit similar to moon cakes.

Indian Moon Festival

English interface of NcEditor V12 laser cutting system
At the time of the Bright Moon Festival, young Indian women with five overlapping clay jugs standing on the backs of camels slowly climbed up the sand dunes, praying that the grain would be abundant and the six animals would flourish. Meanwhile, in India, the Moon Festival is also known as Diwali. Diwali lasts for five days. During the festival, all buildings and water bodies are decorated with lights, which means that justice defeats evil light defeats darkness and wisdom defeats ignorance.
The celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival varies in different countries and regions, but as a traditional festival in China, Mid-Autumn Festival has given the beauty of “reunion with people to spend a good month together”, to enjoy the moon, talk and laugh with the family, and enjoy the fun of family If you can’t get together with your family, don’t forget to replace the acacia and blessing with a greeting.