NC60A all-in-one control system for the 2018 Furniture Fair

Coexistence of
simplicity and practicality is not simple.
This is how
everyone at the Shanghai Furniture Fair
describes the NC60A all-in-one control system.

The four-day 2018 China (Shanghai) International Furniture Fair ended successfully. Weihong performed on the spot to focus on the application of CNC system of panel furniture, solid wood furniture, stone processing center, and interconnection with drivers and other equipment. Through MES and Industrial Internet Constructing information technology makes intelligent and efficient production a reality.

Among them, the NC60A multi-process opening system is especially favored by equipment manufacturers due to its economic and practical characteristics.


Application of panel furniture industry
Multi-process opening system software interface

NC60A multi-process expected to open systems applications:
mainly used in furniture processing industry:
new UI design, the user can customize;
support for bus absolute value;
support for multi-process, loading and unloading, automatic tool change functions;
support multi-task management, and more Functions such as workstations;
functional modular design, more convenient to use;
support spindle pre-start function to save processing time;
support Weihong cloud services, grasp the status of the equipment anytime, anywhere.
Weihong’s professional NC60A multi-process opening system can provide flexible customized services; it breaks the traditional operation mode and makes the equipment more intelligent. The unique dual-channel technology allows automatic labeling and material opening to be completed with a single button, which enables continuous processing without stopping the multi-tasking processing function.
Once the NC60A all-in-one control system was introduced to the market, it was welcomed by the majority of equipment manufacturers. It not only shined in the woodworking panel furniture industry, but also has been widely used in the 3C industry and the metal industry.

3C industry applications
The NC60A all-in-one control system supports multi-Z and multi-channel applications; the absolute value of Wisdom servo bus and Mechatrolink series. The system is widely used in mobile phone glass, window lenses, sapphire, ceramics, acrylic accessories and other touch screen processing; mirror surface, high light, button and other aluminum processing fields.
With years of experience in motion control technology, Weihong 3C industry application system has powerful tool management and compensation functions, and the control accuracy can reach μ level.
Metal industry applications
The NC60A integrated machine control system has excellent applications in denture machines, precision carving machines and other industries, providing customers with customized and personalized motion control solutions.
Metal industry applications: denture machines
Metal industry applications: Carving machines
Such an NC60A all-in-one control system adopts a functional modular design, which not only greatly reduces the size, but also combines the advantages of strong performance, convenient and free, flexible application, safety and reliability. Do you like it?