National Day | Don’t want to waste holidays in the workshop? Wei Hongyun remote palm monitoring must get!

It’s a rare eleven small holiday. It’s
better to take advantage of this time to
stay away from the noisy machine sounds in the workshop.
The dust on the
body will be exhausted, leaving the body and mind on the road.
Equipment management will be handed over to Weihong Cloud Service.

Weihong cloud service is an important part of the Weihong cloud industrial IoT solution, which mainly provides public cloud-based equipment remote monitoring services. In order to meet the needs of different production monitoring scenarios, Weihong Cloud Service provides two modes: web version and WeChat version . WeChat version can achieve remote palm monitoring through mobile phones.

Let’s take a look at the WeChat version of Weihong Cloud which production management problems you can solve, and how to do it.

Q1: Can I monitor the operating status of the equipment when not in the workshop?

A: WeChat version Weihong Cloud provides equipment monitoring function , which can query the equipment production and operation status, such as the equipment’s processing progress, processing files, workpiece counts, working hours distribution and other basic information, which will help improve equipment utilization and help increase productivity!

How to remotely monitor the operation status of the equipment?


Q2: How to manage the equipment when not in the workshop?

A: In order to realize lean production, Weihongyun intelligent alarm can set intelligent alarm freely from the perspective of management . At present, the alarm parameters that can be set include event recognition, working status and consumables management. Custom alarms, remind you when needed, no longer have to turn around the production line and equipment!

How do I set up Smart Alerts?


Q3: How to solve the problem quickly when the equipment encounters a problem?

A: When a user encounters a problem during the use of the device, he can search and browse the required device information in the database through WeChat to help the user quickly find a solution to the problem!

How to find the information?


Weihongyun remote palm monitoring can understand production equipment data and operation status anytime, anywhere, help production managers to fully grasp the operation data of the production workshop, monitor production abnormalities and production progress, thereby effectively reducing various types of production losses and improving the overall efficiency of equipment To achieve cost reduction and efficiency!