Yuhuan Machine Tool Show 丨 Weihong Turning and Milling Intelligent Solution Comes

From October 25th to 28th,
Weihong will bring the overall intelligent solution of car milling to
Yuhuan International Machine Tool Show

Lathe series

Weihong NK210T turning control system adopts an integrated panel, which is waterproof and oil-proof; it is equipped with 5 pairs of pole motors and 23-bit absolute encoder as standard; interpolation cycle is 1ms; Ethernet interface is standard.

● DNC online processing;
● Standard 38DI / 18DO, full relay output, expandable;
● A / B / C three sets of G instructions;
● Turn milling and drilling, polygon turning;
● M2 / M3 / EtherCAT bus.

The design of the extremely fast tail-removing algorithm ensures that the machine has less impact and low noise under normal tail-removing and non-disordering conditions, which is nearly 30% higher than the normal tail-removing efficiency.
An easy-to-learn and easy-to-use roundness test wizard is designed, which is convenient for debugging; it provides more data support for the debugging of the processing effect of the spheroid to ensure the processing effect.
The system can be controlled one-to-many, which is more powerful:
● Graphical programming design;
● Dialog form screen;
● The system automatically detects and records faults;
● The finished product counts increase the shutdown function;
● The restricted area function is set in various ways.

Milling machine / grinding machine series

Adopt 10.4 inch screen, rich buttons; Intel dual-core CPU, file load in seconds; control up to 16 servo axes; support M2 / M3 / EtherCAT bus; support rigid tapping.
HST high-speed trapezoidal algorithm, high flexibility, higher acceleration and deceleration capabilities, can improve the processing efficiency of 9% to 20% in the face mask mold processing.
HPCS high-precision contour smoothing function, smoothes the tool path trajectory according to the control accuracy to obtain an excellent contour, obtains higher and smoother speed characteristics, and obtains excellent processing results.
● Professional grinding technology can control sub-micron (0.001mm) machining accuracy;
● Fully parameterized grinder teaches programming, fill in parameters according to drawings to generate processing files;
● Support secondary development.
Supports 6-speed cut-in grinding, 5-speed longitudinal grinding, and 2-speed end-face grinding. The grinding wheel repairs the end surface and repairs the outer circle (round, chamfer).
High-performance industrial computer, standard fitting simulation, support for bus absolute value, motion simulation interference detection, 3D file import.

Real-time data simulation, simulation interference check

Weihong: The simulation module is built into the CNC system, and the real state and position of the
oil cylinder, cylinder and each axis can be obtained in real time. Competing product: The simulation module is separated from the CNC system.

WISE servo driver

Weizhi spindle drive can be used in CNC lathes, boring and milling machines, machining centers, gantry milling machines and other fields.
● M2 / M3 / EtherCAT high-speed bus;
● Supports synchronous and asynchronous spindle motors;
● Dual encoder interface, supports multiple encoder protocols;
● One-click motor parameter learning.
Wisdom drive multi-axis servo driver integrates 4 drives and 1 Ronda controller, which has better synchronization between multi-axis, reduces wiring and simpler operation.
● M2 / M3 / EtherCAT high-speed bus;
● Supports rotary servo, linear and direct drive motors;
● Supports ABZ incremental, serial communication incremental / absolute and other encoder types.

Weihong Industrial Internet of Things

Weihong uses industrial communication and Internet technologies to actively promote the integration of industrialization and informationization, complete the Internet of numerical control systems, and launch the Weihong Industrial Internet of Things solution. It is mainly composed of xFactory intelligent factory system, NcCloud Weihongyun industrial internet platform, and NcGateway data gateway.
A MES system with abundant functions, simple operation, rapid deployment and easy expansion for the majority of machining enterprises is a good tool for equipment connection and fleet management.
“Smart Factory Cloud Platform” and “Industrial Collaboration Platform” for the entire industrial chain of the machining industry based on advanced equipment networking and cloud computing technology
NcGateway data gateway is the CNC system function expansion software, which provides data acquisition and IP-based communication protocols for equipment, and is an enabling tool for equipment networking.
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on October 25-28 .