This is all! Weizhi spindle, feed servo motor driver complete set to go!

Weizhi servo drive is focused on the CNC machine tool industry. It is widely used in metal carving, lathe, wood plate processing, water cutting, laser cutting and other equipment. In the past, a new spindle drive was introduced to provide a professional overall motor control solution for metal engraving and milling and lathe equipment.


efficient support, powerful

Multi-bit integration It
integrates asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor.

Dual encoder interface

Supports ABZ incremental, serial communication incremental / absolute, sine and cosine encoders.

Support full closed-loop control; support spindle positioning (Z pulse and photoelectric switch positioning).

1kHz maximum output
maximum output frequency vector control of 1kHz, smooth operation can be achieved in the frequency range.

Disturbance compensation
External disturbance compensation function can effectively reduce the influence of disturbance torque and reduce mechanical vibration.

Support bus
Weihong control system, Weizhi A series servo driver, Weizhi spindle drive are connected by high-speed industrial bus. Compared with pulse and analog command mode, the bus mode system has more stable performance, more reliable quality and more convenient use.


easy debugging, double protection

One-click learning
One-click learning of all parameters of asynchronous motors or phase sequence and magnetic pole direction of synchronous motors, greatly reducing the speed regulation time.

Easy debugging
iMotion debugging software integrates functions such as parameter management, waveform monitoring and fault diagnosis.

Double encryption
Supports double encryption of driver hardware and control system.


No.3 widely used

Weizhi spindle servo drive can realize various functions such as low-speed drilling, spindle positioning, rigid tapping and C-axis control.


No.4 selection reference


No.5 full range of CNC industry solutions

Weihong focuses on the R & D, sales and service of the CNC industry. It has the foundation of industrial automation control technology with independent intellectual property rights. Servo motor), spindle (spindle driver and supporting spindle motor).

WISE servo driver
control methods are diverse.
Support pulse, bus and other control methods.
Product forms are rich.
Single-axis servo, multi-axis servo, spindle servo are
reliable, easy to use and efficient!