Lean production, Weihong DT60 denture control system gives you a more efficient and convenient processing experience!


With the increasing demand for “easy-to-use” dentures, the requirements for the machining efficiency of dentures are also getting higher and higher. Weihong launched the >>> chair-side dual-channel denture system in the last issue .
Today, we will introduce the Weihong DT60 denture control system, which is widely used in denture models for processing zirconia, planting bridges and steel brackets.

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01. Minimal application and convenient maintenance for users

Denture machines are mostly used by denture processing plants and medical staff.

Minimalist application

Convenient operation: DT60 system operation is divided into operator authority and manufacturer authority. Under operator authority, two steps are completed from loading the file to starting processing.

Calibration origin: The system’s built-in calibration function can quickly calibrate the origin to avoid defects.

Easy maintenance

Broken tools and wear are common but often overlooked problems in denture machining. Tool life management, broken tool detection and tolerance detection in the DT60 system can prompt the user to the occurrence of related problems, and provide corresponding treatment methods.
Users can promptly troubleshoot and resume production.

02.High quality and efficient processing

DT60 system with built-in HST algorithm is suitable for processing of dentures, braces, bridges and other related products.

The HST algorithm is deeply optimized for the high-precision characteristics of the small segment of the denture tool path to ensure the product processing quality.

The high-efficiency
HST algorithm not only performs excellently in processing results, but also improves processing efficiency by about 10% compared to commonly used algorithms in the market.

In addition, the dual-channel control technology of the DT60 system has doubled the processing efficiency.

03. Personalized customization and security


DT60 system can be customized UI and function according to customer needs to meet the needs of different models.


The DT60 system can encrypt the control system and the drive at the same time, ensuring comprehensive machine security.

04.DT60 Denture Control System Solution

Weihong DT60 denture control system has been fully connected to Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet of Things, which can provide the best solution for equipment users.
In the future development, Weihong will continue to explore the core technologies in the field of intelligent manufacturing, provide high-quality products for the denture industry, and strive to become a partner of high-end denture machine manufacturers!