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ZTE’s recent sanctions from the United States embargo have pushed up domestic reflections on the weaknesses of key core technologies that are subject to human restraint.
On April 16, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s website announced that US companies were prohibited from exporting any technology or products to ZTE for 7 years.

The ZTE incident once again revealed China’s weakness in some key core technologies.

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NC machine tools are the “working machines” for equipment manufacturing, and their technical level represents the comprehensive competitiveness of a country. Numerical control system is the “brain” of machine tool equipment. It is the key factor that determines the function, performance, reliability, cost and price of CNC machine tools, and it is also the bottleneck restricting the development of CNC machine tool industry in China.

Especially for the high-speed, high-precision, multi-axis linkage high-end CNC machine tools and high-end CNC systems urgently needed by the defense industry, it has always been an important international strategic material, subject to strict export restrictions from Western countries. The famous “Toshiba Incident”, “Cox Report” in history, and “Iran Centrifuge Incident” and “Snowdon Incident” in recent years have fully demonstrated that the importance of autonomous and controllable numerical control systems is of great importance to China于 chip.
The weak foundation and “lack of mind and brain” have always been the shortcomings of “Made in China”.
To achieve the goal of “Made in China 2025”, the formation of “Chinese wisdom made” core competencies, is inseparable from the NC system includes servo drives, servo motors and other key technology
innovation and security control .
Since its establishment, Weihong has been committed to developing motion control products and continuously developing product application fields. At present, Weihong motion control system has been widely used in mold manufacturing
metal cutting, metal highlight processing, 3C glass precision processing, plate furniture cutting, solid wood carving, glass stone processing, laser processing, water jet processing and other fields.

At present, Weihong owns all the intellectual property rights of motion control technology, 42 computer software copyright registrations; 99 patents, including 59 invention patents
, 16 utility model patents, and 24 design patents. Patents pending.

These will help protect and give full play to the advantages of Weihong’s independent intellectual property rights, promote technological innovation, and provide favorable technical support and core competitiveness for the development of Weihong.
While insisting on constantly improving its own products and services, Weihong shares its mission at all times and contributes to the revitalization and development of National CNC!

“labour is the honour,

I hope you all get what you want and what you want.
Weihong shares salute to all workers!
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