Recruitment of Weihongyun Industrial IoT Solution——Weihongyun Group Control System officially unveiled

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Understand equipment processing progress, operating status, message alarm
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One-click control of task distribution and batch start / stop of CNC equipment
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Reduction of waste caused by program file operation errors

With just a tap of your fingertips, you can get the “smart factory” basic management platform.

Weihong Cloud Industrial IoT Solution currently includes 3 components: Weihong Cloud Assistant , Weihong Cloud Services and Weihong Cloud Group Control . What I want to introduce to you today is Weihong Cloud Group Control System.
  What is Weihong Cloud Group Control System? 

Weihong Cloud Group Control System is a networked management system for numerical control equipment based on advanced Internet of Things technology.
The system can collect machining information of CNC equipment in a comprehensive and real-time manner, centrally manage program files, and batch operation task distribution and equipment start-stop. It is a “smart factory” basic management platform that integrates data collection, real-time monitoring, fault early warning, and operation analysis, and supports multi-role mobile office.

  What is Weihong Cloud Group Control System Architecture? 

system structure

Note: 1. Make sure that the NcStudio Weihong CNC system software used by the equipment has been upgraded to the latest version of the built-in Weihong cloud assistant.
       2. If you need to connect a third-party CNC system or add system functions, you can customize the development.

  What can Weihong Cloud Group Control System do? 

Open Weihong Cloud Group Control System and log in
First, equipment monitoring

  • Processing progress, operating status, message alarm, tool and consumable use, etc.
  • Equipment utilization and OEE analysis
  • Equipment start and stop operation
  • Program file upload
Comprehensive, real-time collection of information such as processing progress, operating conditions, message alarms, tool and wearing parts usage of CNC equipment, and basic statistical analysis of equipment utilization, not only directly providing scientific basis for daily production and equipment maintenance in the workshop Basic data can also be established for further enterprise resource planning.

Second, task management 

  • Create machining tasks in batches for equipment
  • Batch start and stop equipment
  • Task progress monitoring
  • Mission history
Three ,  Program Manager

  • Add, delete, modify, and check program files
  • Archiving and grouping of program files
Centralized management of processing program files, effectively eliminating waste caused by operating errors in uploading, downloading, saving, and distributing program files, and reducing processing preparation time.

Fourth, other

  • Flexible device group management
  • Strict user roles and permissions settings
  • Personalized usage habits configuration
  • Data interface for other systems

The system adopts B / S architecture, no client installation is required and mobile device connection is supported; perfect role and permission management guarantees the security of personnel, equipment and system.

  What if I want to use Weihong Cloud Group Control System? 

Having said so much, what if you want to use Weihong Cloud Group Control System? Here is the delivery process.


Determine authorization


It is mainly to determine the number of authorized access devices and the expiration date of the system.

Delivery system, the following methods are optional:

Method 1: The user directly purchases the pre-installed Weihong Cloud Group Control server from Weihong.

Method 2: The user prepares the server and ships it to Weihong, which is returned by Weihong technical support staff after installation. 

Field Service


Guide on-site CNC equipment access, train personnel to operate and coach integrator data integration.


Also add note

1. Before the site commissioning, the user should ensure that the construction of the site network environment for equipment networking is completed.

2. For custom development, the scope of development needs to be determined when determining authorization.

3. The specific quotation depends on the scope of authorization, delivery method, on-site service and customized development content.


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