Weihong’s ERP information management platform is fully upgraded

Efficiently meet customer needs and provide customer service wholeheartedly!
It has always been the purpose and direction of Weihong.
Combining new market demands and customer management demands, Weihong Co., Ltd. held an “ERP project launch meeting” last week, which is also an important measure for Weihong to further enhance market competitiveness. The successful convening of the launch event marked a new step for Weihong in the process of enterprise informatization construction.

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is based on information technology and uses advanced management ideas of modern enterprises to comprehensively integrate all resource information of the enterprise to provide enterprises with a comprehensive and systematic decision-making, planning, control, and business performance evaluation. Management platform.
After deeply understanding and combining the management ideas contained in the traditional ERP, according to the current overall situation of Weihong, we have made an overall consideration to build an ERP system that conforms to Weihong’s corporate culture.
Weihong’s ERP system organically combines warehouse invoicing and storage, material requirements for production, sales and purchases, product function development, customers, supplier relationship maintenance, enterprise fixed assets, and overall employees, with the help of interrelated management The organization is integrated into a flexible and flexible virtual organization, so as to increase the speed of Weihong decision-making and enhance the ability to reflect market changes, reduce the cost of information, and maximize the exchange of information.
The official implementation of Weihong’s ERP platform means that Weihong will initially complete an integrated design and manufacturing operation system and management system that is coordinated with marketing, production and service. By improving the internal management system to provide customers with an efficient and timely personalized experience, we continuously promote the way of Weihong’s lean manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing.