Weihong share bus type CNC system

Bus driver-get rid of your troubles

Wisdom bus driver, farewell to tedious wiring troubles!

The bus has the characteristics of simple protocol, strong fault tolerance, good security, and low cost. It not only enables high-speed transmission of large amounts of data between the system and external devices to meet high-precision and high-speed processing requirements, but also simplifies the system and facilitates expansion.

Compared with the pulsed messy wiring site, Wisdom bus driver can greatly simplify the wiring and wiring between various hardware, providing a simple and efficient user experience .

“Trinity” with bus

“If you want to be good at it, first sharpen it.” In order to continuously obtain the “energy” of the bus, both software and hardware must meet the requirements of the bus. The control system, driver, and controller are all perfectly connected to the bus technology to ensure barrier-free communication and integrated into the bus-type CNC system. In fact, the bus-type CNC system has become the mainstream of the current high-end CNC system.

Weihong’s major application industries have launched bus-type CNC systems, which are in hot use in major regions of the country …

Four steps to slip your bus

The following is the operation method of the bus-type control system using Weizhi servo drive