Weihong was named “CMCD’s Most Competitive Brand for Motion Control 2018”

▲ CMCD 2018 Award Ceremony

       The “2019 Intelligent Manufacturing & China Motion Control Industry Development Summit Forum and Awards Ceremony” was held on January 11, 2019 in Shunde, Guangdong. After being awarded the user satisfaction brand in the field of motion control in 2017, Weihong was selected as “CMCD’s most competitive brand in motion control in 2018”.
       It is reported that this awards ceremony rewards companies, brands and industry professionals recognized by the market in the past year, demonstrating the positive driving force of the development of the Chinese motion control market. After 3 months of collection and research on related industries and equipment terminals, as well as corporate return visits and exchanges, after a comprehensive selection by experts from the China Motion Control Industry Alliance, industry organizations and professional media, Weihong was awarded the “CMCD 2018 Most Competitive Motion Control Brand “!

Motion control, Weihong keeps pace ▲ WISE servo driver series products

       2018 is a year in which opportunities and challenges coexist. Under the premise of ensuring continuous growth in production and sales, Weihong has continuously introduced new products and released a series of new products: linear servo drives, multi-axis multi-channel CNC controllers, laser board and tube cutting bus systems, Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet of Things platform has been widely recognized by the market.
       WISE servo driver has further gained market recognition in 2018. WISE’s excellent servo control performance, high-speed pulse input, Mechatrolink bus technology, 23-bit multi-turn absolute encoder, ensure the machine’s high precision and extremely low low-speed fluctuations; the controller and driver are double-encrypted to ensure customers rights and interests.
       In 2019, Weihong will also pay more attention to achieving win-win results with suppliers, customers and user partners, and is committed to taking the user experience as the center, strictly controlling the quality of products, and exerting its products including WISE servo drives and other products. Advantages in technological innovation and independent development, and constantly improve its own products and services.