Weihong Stone Machining Center 2.0 system officially released

With the development of residential and environmental engineering to the middle and high-end level, new demands have been put on various types of processing of special-shaped plates of stone.
In order to achieve better processing results, Weihong Stone Machining Center 2.0 system has been continuously improved and improved. Now it has stone table cutting, basin opening, front retaining water, low back arc, Roman edge, and irregular-shaped stone edge. , Polishing and other powerful features.

First, the new UI interface, human-computer interaction is more friendly

2. Perfect functions and more convenient

1. Support grinding wheel compensation function:

2. Support lead wire setting:
3. Support multiple elliptical arc drawing methods
4.Support multiple arc processing methods
5. Support modification of processing sequence
6.Can modify processing direction
The Weihong Stone Processing Center 2.0 system is continuously improved based on the previous version to help lean production. It is a finishing tool for kitchen countertops, sanitary ware, laboratory countertops, hotel bar counters, background wall decoration and other industries.