Weihong participated in the 2018 DMP Dongguan Houjie Exhibition, and the highlights of the scene were revealed ~

On November 27-30,
Weihong will participate in the
2018 DMP Dongguan International Mold and Metal Processing Exhibition
Booth No. 3E531

What kind of boutique products will Weihong share in this largest and most influential international professional exhibition in South China?

  I. High-speed and high-precision HST algorithm  

The new HST algorithm developed by Weihong Grinding Co., Ltd. is applied in the field of high-end motion control. It optimizes high-quality processing scenarios such as precision engraving machines, CNC milling machines, drilling and tapping machines, and helps equipment achieve high-speed, high-precision, high-quality production.

1. High-speed The
new generation of interpolation algorithm optimizes the processing efficiency and motion connection of small curved line segments, improves the processing performance by at least 1 time, and can smoothly complete high-speed processing tasks of complex tool paths.
2. High-quality
Weihong system has a new generation of trajectory preprocessing function and adaptive short line smoothing function, which helps achieve higher quality processing results.
3. Application

  Two-channel CCD system and probe system  

Weihong dual-channel CCD system:  Suitable for precise positioning processing of mobile phone light guide plates and TFT-LCD glass full screen.
Probe system:
1. Conformal chamfering of flat products, online measurement and engraving of curved products, such as mobile phone housings, ceramics, large-size glass chamfering
2. Positioning function during edge inspection The problem of inaccurate positioning of the clamp and the secondary processing of the product is currently applied to 3D hot bending glass processing

  Third, the pipe cutting NcEditor V12 system  
Weihong NcEditor V12 laser pipe cutting system provides a complete set of motion control solutions for the pipe cutting industry. It is widely used in plate and tube integrated machines, professional pipe cutting machines, and automatic pipe loading and cutting machines.
◆ Supports round tube, square tube, waist tube, oval tube, etc.
◆ For common processing files, 2D unfolding drawing and 3D display, lowering the operation threshold
◆ Direct import of IGES 3D files for processing
◆ Supporting coherent, Truncated cutting guide, welding seam compensation, easy for subsequent processing
◆ One-click leveling and splitting function automatically locates the center of the pipe to ensure high precision of splitting cutting
◆ Has an independent fluting parameter group, which makes the fluting cutting speed fast, high precision and good quality
  4. WISE Servo Driver 

WSDA series Weizhi driver inherits the stable hardware characteristics of WSDV series Weizhi driver. It adopts a new generation of motor power modules to optimize PCB layout and layout. The product performance is further improved, the reliability is better, the connector type is optimized, which is more beneficial to the site Plug and unplug the cables.

Wisdom Linear Servo

This time, Weihong will also highlight Weizhi linear servo. Compared with traditional rotary shaft motors, the magnetic levitation design of linear motors has advantages in displacement speed and positioning accuracy, and completely solves the problem of reducer and screw wear , With high responsiveness and long-term stability .
At present, WISE linear servo drives have been successfully used in mobile phone glass cutting, home improvement / ceramic glass cutting, laser precision cutting and other industries.
  V. Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet of Things  
At the 2018 DMP exhibition, Weihong will demonstrate Weihong Cloud’s industrial IoT solution on-site, interconnect with drivers and other equipment, and build informatization through MES and industrial Internet to give you a more luxurious intelligent manufacturing experience. The Weihong system has been fully connected to the Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet of Things, which mainly includes Weihong cloud smart factories and Weihong cloud services .
Weihongyun Intelligent Factory
Machine Group Control System (DNC), as an important part of the Weihongyun Industrial Internet of Things solution, has been officially expanded and upgraded to “Weihongyun Intelligent Factory System”!
This upgrade not only adds maintenance maintenance management and intelligent alarms, enriches production performance assessment, upgrades process management, but also adds a carousel function to the original equipment monitoring kanban function.
Weihong cloud service
Weihong cloud service includes device monitoring and online documentation. When the device is connected to the Internet, the public cloud method is used to provide basic smart factory functions, and more Internet applications can be superimposed to support more innovative application scenarios. , Can be applied to production management, lease management, equipment maintenance and after-sales service.
On November 27-30, Weihong Co., Ltd.
Dongguan, Houjie, Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center
3E531 is looking forward to your visit