2018 closing exhibition, Weihong shares take you to unlock the home industry solution

December 6-9, 2018,
China Shunde (Lunjiao) International Woodworking Machinery Expo
Weihong , Lunjiao Exhibition Hall, Shunde District, Foshan City, Booth No. 3A01A.

Looking back at 2018, Weihong’s footprint spreads throughout the world at
home and abroad in key areas.

Layout of key domestic twelve exhibitions
involving various industries of Weihong system applications

This closing exhibition
Weihong shares take you to unlock home industry solutions

Application of panel furniture industry

Weihong has professional application software to provide flexible customized services for the panel furniture industry.

  1. NC60A multi-process system

Brand-new UI design, more friendly human-computer interaction;
Modular design of functions, easy to use;
Supports the pre-start function of the spindle to save processing time;
Supports multiple processes, loading and unloading, tool change, multi-tasking production management, multi-station and other functions

  1. Six-sided drilling system

Plan the tool path, the clamping jaws automatically avoid row drilling; the
optimal position for one clamping, and multiple clamping during processing;
support automatic tool selection;
support bus absolute value

  • Application of solid wood furniture industry

Weihong system can provide professional CAM solutions according to process requirements, eliminating tedious process programming steps.

  1. Tenoning machining center system

Equipped with five axes, supporting five-axis simultaneous processing;
external tool path loading can also be performed or the tool path can be directly generated using the tenon in the tenon-and-mortise list for processing;
support for square sofa legs, brown corner tenon and other tenons;
support process parameters Import and Export

  1. Double-side milling system

Support drawing, direct import of DXF for secondary editing and analysis;
processing method can choose bilateral or single side;
support multiple layer feed

  1. Wooden door processing system

Adopting the wizard processing method, you can process by setting relevant process parameters, and the operation is simple and fast;
support for carrying holes, hinge slots, door locks, etc .;
support for straight tool magazines, etc.

  • Stone cutting industry applications

Weihong stone processing center system can process all kinds of high-grade countertops, hand-washing countertops, kitchen cabinet panels, etc.
Stone processing center system

Set CAD, CAM, CNC in one;
support cutting, grinding, carving, can process various types of basin holes, front water retaining, rear water retaining, outer contour, independent openings, etc .;
human-computer interaction is easy to learn, and staff training costs are low

  • WISE (Wei-Zhi) servo

WISE series servo drives cover servo motors with a power of 0.1kW-3.0kW, which can realize precise position control, speed control and torque control.

Chi-dimensional linear servo
Wei-Zhi linear servo compared with conventional rotating shaft of the motor, maglev design advantage in the displacement speed and positioning accuracy, and solve reducer, screw wear problems, with high responsiveness and long-term stability .
At present, WISE linear servo drives have been successfully used in mobile phone glass cutting, home improvement glass cutting, laser precision cutting and other industries.

  • Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet of Things

Weihong system has fully integrated Weihong cloud industrial IoT solution. Weihong CNC system manages the internal components such as drives and auxiliary equipment, and provides a variety of data interfaces to the outside. The “Weihong Cloud” service is more plug-and-play. Data-driven production helps the company’s intelligent upgrade!

December 6 – 9 December
2018 China Shunde International Woodworking Machinery Exhibition
Lunjiao Exhibition
Weihong shares Booth: 3A01A

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