[New Product Listing] Weihong Glass Shaped Edging System

When it comes to “glass”, everyone is no stranger. In daily life, many things we use have traces of glass, such as mobile phones, mirrors, televisions and so on. The objects applied to glass products can be divided into the following categories.

Tempered film glass for mobile phone communication industry to beautify and protect.

2. Glass furniture industry

Glass furniture has become an indispensable element in modern home decoration due to its beautiful, economic and pollution-free characteristics.


The rapid development of the real estate industry in the decoration and building materials industry has provided a huge space for development in the building decoration industry. It has the characteristics of light weight, atmospheric, beautiful and economical.

4. The

safety and beauty of the electronics industry are the basic requirements for electronic glass in the electronics industry. Glass is already quite extensive in the electronics industry, such as domestic small appliances.

Because of the wide demand for glass products in various industries, the glass processing industry has also developed rapidly.
At present, the control system of Weihong shares involves the processing of various glass products. Now I will tell you the application cases of glass processing in the last three industries.
How can regular glass raw materials be processed into glass products with different shapes?

The processing artifact is Weihong’s glass profile grinding system.
Although the final product is different and each processing process is slightly different, the special-shaped glass edging is an extremely important process in these glass processing.
The above samples are processed using the following equipment. Weihong glass profiled edging system supports double-station processing and double-y double-z.

In response to the different needs for glass processing accuracy and finished product shapes in various industries, Weihong has proposed single-axis to multi-axis solutions, and five-axis systems are mainly used in the mirror industry.
Advantages of the system

Support tool path drawing and editing, can set the chamfering of the path, lead knife line settings, etc .;

support the integration of rough grinding and polishing, one-shot molding;

support the real-time compensation function of the grinding wheel to improve the polishing effect;

support the measurement of grinding wheel wear and automatically Adjust the amount of wear;