[New Product Listing] PM53 Series Simple Motion Control Card Fully Upgraded

Adhering to the corporate philosophy of “professional, attentive and dedicated”, Weihong Co., Ltd. quickly provides customers with personalized solutions, and strives for excellence and continuous innovation. Now our company has decided to gradually upgrade PM53C / B motion control card to PM95 series motion control card with more stable performance and higher quality.
At present, the PM95A series motion control card has been successfully upgraded in the application fields of our company’s PM63 series and PM75 series control cards, and is widely used in many industries such as four-axis and five-axis woodworking engraving, metal processing, and laser cutting.
Compared with PM53C / B motion control card, PM95A has significant performance advantages in the following aspects.
1.Comprehensive operating system compatibility
PM95A series motion control card and its supporting software can run perfectly on WIN7, WIN8 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems; and under the 64-bit operating system, the probability of poisoning of various software is greatly reduced.
2.Support PCI-E interface
In view of the fact that the mainstream of computer motherboards currently only supports PCI-E slots, the PCI-E interface designed by the control card can greatly facilitate users’ choice of computer.
3.Support mobile APP encryption
PM95A series control cards support the use of date encryption, which greatly facilitates the management of machine tools by machine tool manufacturers.

4.Simplified wiring
Using DB9 serial communication, only one DB9 core wire is needed to communicate from the control card to the Ronda controller (terminal board), with faster transmission speed, stronger stability, more convenient wiring, perfect solution for electrical cabinets due to dense arrangement It is difficult to follow up maintenance wiring and change wiring.
5.High speed and high precision
The maximum pulse output frequency reaches 640KHz. Compared with the maximum pulse output frequency of 160KHz of PM53C / B series motion control card, it achieves 4 times the high-efficiency performance improvement.
For example, when using PM95A, the pulse equivalent is set to 0.001 (1u), and the fastest speed per minute can reach 38.4m / min. Of course, when the pulse equivalent is set to 0.0005 (0.5u), the processing speed can still reach 19.2m / min. However, using PM53C / B, when the pulse equivalent is set to 0.5u, the speed can only reach 4.8m / min.
If you do not change the processing speed, using PM95A can improve the processing accuracy by 4 times. Similarly, if the same processing accuracy is set, using PM95A can get 4 times the speed increase.
From now on, our company will fully promote the upgraded PM95A motion control card to the market. If your motion control card needs to be upgraded or encounters any problems during the upgrade, you can contact us at any time, contact information 400-882- 9188.