Weihong GD50 sharpener control system, specially for quality!

Weihong GD50 sharpener system is specially designed for the sharpener industry. It is mainly used for metal knife cutting and grinding, including kitchen knives, small knives, steel head knives, garden shears, beauty scissors and other types of knives.

User-centered operation experience: Support two processing methods.

First, GLT library function
Weihong GD50 sharpener system provides a more efficient GLT library function than G code programming.

Support knife preview

The GLT library function supports the preview of the knife shape, so that you can choose to load the correct processing file, and you can observe the actual change of the knife shape when editing the library file.

Knife template function

Provide a variety of common GLT format knife-shaped templates, users can also convert the file into the template format; when you create a new GL format processing file, you can choose to edit the template without changing the template content.

Angle calculation function

The user only needs to input the material thickness, blade thickness, and grinding width to calculate the swing angle of the clamp plate (A axis), which greatly reduces the difficulty of debugging.

Second, DXF graphic processing function
Weihong GD50 sharpener system provides graphical and parameterized processing methods without programming.

Support DXF translation

Generate a 2D DXF file from the customer’s actual tool drawing, obtain analysis parameters, and use it directly for processing. Avoid the tedious process of G code programming, reduce the operation difficulty, and facilitate the processing file management.

Continuous loading function: multi-process splicing

After loading the corresponding operations of multiple grooves, a file is generated, and one groove can process multiple grooves on one side.

Demand-oriented process design: high precision and good effect
Automatic compensation
Set the experience value of single-tool grinding wheel compensation to automatically compensate the grinding wheel loss to adjust the wheel feed

Automatic tool setting

Adjust the compensation value of the single-tool grinding wheel and the worn amount of the grinding wheel according to the tool setting value, making the grinding more accurate.
Automatic tool setting is performed at the end of processing, and the material can be loaded and unloaded at the same time. It does not affect the processing time of a single tool, and it takes only 4 seconds for a single time.

Steel-head cutter: R-angle machining function
When processing steel-head cutter, R-angle machining function is supported in DXF file translation. You only need to get two curves from the tool sample, and then add the R-angle arc processing part according to the parameters. Trajectory smoothing and speed control can effectively improve the problem of burning the knife.

Weihong GD50 sharpener system overall solution

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Weihong GD50 sharpener system
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