Weihong Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the 2018 National Jet Equipment Standards Committee Annual Meeting and Standard Review Meeting

From October 24th to 26th, the 2018 National Spraying Equipment Standards Committee and the National Pump Standardization Committee Volumetric Pump Branch Annual Meeting and Standard Review Meeting were held in Shenyang, Liaoning. Weihong was invited as a well-known brand in the field of water cutting meeting.
It is reported that the National Spraying Equipment Standards Committee and the National Pump Standards Committee Volumetric Pumps Branch will review industry standards including “Ultra High Pressure Water Cutting Machine” and “Mobile Water Cutting Machine”. During the meeting, the technicians of Weihong held in-depth exchanges and discussions on five-axis water cutting technologies such as RTCP, automatic height measurement technology, and Phoenix’s new platform, and were highly praised by the participating experts.
The Weihong water cutting system based on the phoenix platform compensates for a long time the difficulty of upgrading and maintenance of closed CNC systems. It adopts a new architecture and facilitates the rapid development of secondary development, which can meet the customization of customized UI solutions for different customers. With multi-channel function, it can effectively save processing costs and greatly improve processing efficiency.

After nearly ten years of polishing, Weihong has applied water-cutting systems to two-axis to five-axis, single-head to multi-head, single-dual-drive, and other models. It can provide systems, drives, cutting heads, and process editors. Complete solution including software.

Among them, the five-axis water cutting system can realize dynamic five-axis cutting, and solve the technical problems of taper and tail of high-pressure water jets. It is an earlier and more mature water cutting control system in China. Ceramics and other industries. It currently occupies 80% of the domestic market and is gradually moving towards the international market.
The matching Weihong high-precision AC five-axis water cutting head is integrated on the three-axis platform to realize the plane processing and 3D processing of the workpiece. It can be processed in one operation, which has higher efficiency, strong structural rigidity, and small environmental thermal deformation. Infinite shaft rotation and other advantages.
Relying on stable and reliable software and hardware products, the Weihong brand has successfully entered many countries and regions around the world, and has gained the trust of more and more international customers. Currently, it has dozens of agents in India, Vietnam, Russia and other places.