The overall solution of Weihong Drilling Center

In recent years, with the upgrading and innovation of 3C products such as computers, communications, and consumer electronics, the supporting manufacturing and manufacturing industries are also booming and flourishing. Among them, the demand for drilling centers is growing.
Drilling and tapping center is a kind of metal cutting equipment. Its style and function are basically similar to those of machining centers. Generally, the stroke is not greater than (X / Y) 800 × 400mm. It is mainly used for non-ferrous metals, 3C industry, aluminum substrate drilling or tapping. The efficiency and quality of drilling, tapping and tapping speeds are more than 10 times that of ordinary machining centers, and are ideal processing equipment for 3C and other industries.

Drilling center?

——Here is a grand introduction to the overall solution of the drilling and attack center of our Weihong metal product line.

The overall solution of Weihong Drilling Center is mostly applied to parts processing fields such as mobile phone case processing and automobile parts processing in the 3C industry. The shapes of the parts after processing are different, and have both practicality and aesthetics. This requires the control system to provide good processing results on the premise of ensuring processing efficiency. In order to meet this demand of the market, Weihong Metal Product Line launched a comprehensive solution for targeted drilling and attack centers.

The above solution is based on Weihong’s high-end CNC system NK300CX, which is equipped with Weizhi bus servo drives, which can improve the processing efficiency of individual parts without reducing the surface quality of the parts, and meet the processing manufacturers’ high-speed, high-precision, and efficient processing requirements.


According to the processing characteristics of 3C mobile phone casings, the system can adaptively determine the number of forward-looking path segments according to the actual situation at the current processing path, and determine the feed speed at the start and end points of the current processing path segment to achieve the feed speed between path segments High-speed connection, with both processing effect and processing efficiency.

It not only covers drilling and tapping, but also provides systematic solutions for molds, dentures, spectacle frame processing and grinding machines:

Behind the rich solutions provided by the metal product line is the accumulation of Weihong CNC systems for years.
Weihong CNC system covers two series of integrated machine and control card. Both adopt Windows open architecture. Based on technologies such as complex curve and surface processing, intelligent speed preview, advanced contour control, five-axis interpolation, RTCP, etc. Cost-effective control system solution.

In terms of software, Dadaozhijian’s interactive design concept provides simple and user-friendly operation ; rich processing technologies, tool selection processing, line selection processing, breakpoint continuation, high-speed simulation, and three-dimensional dynamic display; core adaptive forward-looking algorithms, trajectory prediction Processing, combined with the LEP algorithm, maximizes processing efficiency while ensuring reasonable control of details.