Weihong Co., Ltd. Product Promotion and Technology Exchange Meeting-Changzhou Station

On March 24th, Weihong’s glass cutting product promotion and technology exchange meeting in Bengbu won unanimous praise from the participants. At the request of the majority of the industry,
Weihong will hold a product promotion meeting and technology exchange meeting in Changzhou.

At 13:30 pm on April 21,
Weihong’s product promotion and technology exchange meeting will
meet with you.

This product promotion and technical exchange meeting covers the introduction of Weihong’s metal industry products, Weizhi servo bus driver products, and Weihong intelligent production management .

The overall solution for the metal industry

covers three-axis to five-axis control systems, including two series of control cards and all-in-

ones. The outstanding performance
uses high-speed processors, high-speed CNC internal buses, and high-speed bus drive control
. The
fifth generation of advanced motion control algorithms High-speed trapezoidal algorithm, optimize system processing performance, small line segment processing, increase performance by more than 40%.
Flexible configuration
supports three to five-axis, multi-Z, multi-channel and other models to
provide customers with customized and personalized motion control solutions. , Has excellent applications in metal molds, glasses carving, dentures and other industries. WISE

servo bus driver
 WISE servo driver covers 0.1kW ~ 3.0kW servo motor

 24-bit multi-turn absolute encoder
Double deviation automatic calibration
Can realize precise position control
Widely used in woodworking machinery, 3C electronic machinery, General motion control applications such as metal engraving and milling machinery, cold cutting machinery, hot cutting machinery, and manipulators.

                                         Tribute to the era, WISE new product preview

The pursuit of excellence WSDA series servo drive

optimization circuit design, the dynamic braking distance is shorter,
some devices are custom-made, the overall quality is improved, the
power module uses Mitsubishi sixth-generation IPM, higher reliability
mechanism, three anti-technology upgrades, and harsh environment tolerance strong
with Weihong system, without external brake signal
support for hardware, control system double encryption to fully protect the rights and interests of manufacturers of mechanical

excellence  WEIHONG- Long drive one
to support different power motors and flexible combination of
common bus design to reduce power wiring difficulty
battery compartment and Lang Integrated drive and drive integration, eliminating the need for battery welding wires
IO terminals integrated with Lang drive, saving electrical cabinet space

Weihong intelligent production management
Continuous optimization of Weihong cloud platform, promoting the application of new technologies such as cloud data and intelligent numerical control in industrial production To inject new power into industrial production.

Weihong cloud connection factories, equipment manufacturers and other technology vendorsto provide a dedicated factory production control room and equipment maintenance levelunits, providing equipment manufacturers for
exclusive remote service platform, to achieve the interoperability of industry platform.

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product promotion and technology exchange meeting. Formoreexciting content
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In the future, Weihong will hold more technical exchanges throughout the country. At that time, relevant information will also be released on Weihong’s official WeChat platform. Hope everyone will support
you in the future and you can learn and progress together!