CCMT 2018 | Is Weihong going to make big moves? Focus on new technology of intelligent CNC system

The “Tenth China CNC Machine Tool Show CCMT2018” will be held from April 9th ​​to 13th at Shanghai New International Expo Center, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. During these 5 days, Weihong will show you outstanding performances at booth N5-A402. Motion control solutions.
Weihong Cloud  Industry Platform, Connected
Laser Cutting Industry Tube Cutting NcEditor V12-LT
3C industry dual-channel CCD system
Metal cutting industry, high-speed high-precision intelligent drilling and tapping system

  Weihong cloud  

Wei Hongyun broke through the traditional machine tool production management, equipment management and after-sales service model in the form of an industrial platform.
  • Based on the remote monitoring capability formed by the networking of machine tools, combined with mobile Internet and big data analysis technology, the manufacturing and management platform can remotely grasp the machine tool production status and equipment health anytime, anywhere.
  • Provides a dedicated production monitoring room and equipment maintenance platform for the factory, and provides a dedicated remote after-sales service platform for equipment manufacturers, thus creating an industry Internet platform that connects factories, equipment manufacturers and other technology suppliers.
   Weihong laser tube cutting system really “tube cut”  
Weihong laser tube cutting system, starting from reducing the difficulty of drawing, focuses on the processing of round tubes, rectangular tubes, oval tubes, waist tubes and other tubes, and is applied to tubes, fitness equipment, kitchenware manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, petroleum mining, machinery Manufacturing and other industries.
  • For common processing files, two-dimensional unfolding drawing and three-dimensional display reduce the operation threshold;
  • Directly import IGES 3D files for processing;
  • Supports intersecting and truncating cutting guides, round pipes intersect vertically, and square pipe welds are compensated to facilitate subsequent welding processing;
  • For the unique one-click leveling and splitting function of the square tube, the rotation center of the tube is automatically positioned to ensure high accuracy of splitting and cutting;
  • The independent edge edge process layer makes the edge edge cutting speed fast and high precision.
   Dual-channel CCD system  
Dual-channel CCD system, suitable for mobile phone light guide plate and TFT-LCD glass.
 Probe system 
  • Flat products are chamfered, and curved products are measured and carved online.
  • For example: mobile phone housing, ceramics, large-size glass chamfering;
         The side-tracking center positioning function solves the problems of inaccurate positioning of the work clamp and the secondary processing of the product. It is currently used in 3D hot-bent glass processing.
   High-speed high-precision intelligent drilling and tapping system  
Weihong Intelligent Drilling and Tapping CNC System provides a full range of personalized motion control solutions for mold processing, metallurgy, aluminum carving, shoe mold and other industries. The processing efficiency and processing accuracy are at the leading domestic level.
  • High processing efficiency, high-speed three-axis displacement can reach 48m / min;
  • High machining accuracy. Under no-load conditions, at a speed of 5000 rpm, the tapping time of a single hole is 500 ms, the acceleration and deceleration are 240 ms, and the error is 2 um.
Double-head drilling is used to improve the common single-head drilling and tapping processing mode in the market, to achieve the integration of drilling and tapping, and to break through the limitation of one-way drilling of traditional precision engraving machines. A series of key technologies such as Z-axis feed-forward compensation and precise control of Z-axis motion position. CCMT2018 China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition from April 9th ​​to 13th, Weihong Co., Ltd. is located at booth N5-A402 , and we look forward to your visit!

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