Wei Hongzhi made 丨 “Cloud platform intelligent drilling and attack control system” won the 2018 “Shanghai Industry-University-Research Cooperation Excellent Project Award”

       On December 20th, the 2018 “Shanghai Industry-University-Research Cooperation Excellent Project Award” commendation meeting was successfully held in the Jianghai Hall of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference. Won the second prize of the project. The “Shanghai Industry-University-Research Cooperation Excellent Project Award” is an annual Shanghai-industry-industry-research community jointly established by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and jointly established by the Shanghai Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Promotion Association, Shanghai Education Development Foundation, and Shanghai Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Foundation Honorable mention.
       Weihong’s “Cloud Platform Intelligent Drilling and Attack Control System” project has achieved significant economic and social benefits in terms of major technological innovations and improvement of enterprise technology. It has been awarded the “Shanghai Product of the Year 2018” by the application committee for application, recommendation, expert selection, publicity and award. Award for Excellent Project of Academic-Research Cooperation “. Intelligentization of high-end machine tools is the national strategic development goal of “Made in China 2025”. At present, drilling and tapping technologies are high-precision core machining technologies such as the 3C industry, metal mold industry, and auto parts. In addition to drilling and tapping, core drilling and tapping systems are also widely used in milling planes and boring.
First, high speed and high precision, high quality and efficiency
       The processing efficiency and accuracy of the cloud platform intelligent drilling and tapping CNC system are at the domestic leading level. The three-axis high-speed displacement can reach a maximum of 48m / min; under no-load conditions, at a speed of 5000rpm, the single-hole tapping time is 500ms, the acceleration and deceleration are 240ms, and the error is 2um. Improved the traditional single-head drilling and tapping processing mode with double-head drilling and tapping, realizing the integration of drilling and tapping, breaking through the limitation of one-way drilling of traditional precision engraving machines, and solving the differences in the dual-spindle control of the domestic drilling and tapping system during tapping A series of key technologies such as feedforward compensation of axes and precise control of Z-axis motion position.
Industrial platform, interconnected
       The industrial platform has broken through the production management, equipment management and after-sales service model of machine tools in traditional manufacturing. Based on the remote monitoring capability formed by the networking of machine tools, combined with mobile Internet and big data analysis technology, the manufacturing and management platform can remotely grasp the situation of machine tools online anytime, anywhere. Provides a dedicated production monitoring room and equipment maintenance platform for the factory, and provides a dedicated remote after-sales service platform for equipment manufacturers, thereby creating an industry Internet platform that connects factories, equipment manufacturers, and other technology suppliers.

Third, artificial intelligence, continuous optimization

       Utilize cloud artificial intelligence to provide multiple functions such as equipment management, production management, process management, fault diagnosis and technical support, provide third-party platform data interfaces and network adaptation modules, support multiple industrial communication protocols, and ensure data of smart factory systems communication. With the help of big data technology, real-time analysis of the actual production data of machine tools of the same model on the entire network, so as to find out the key factors affecting the machining quality and production efficiency of the machine tool, combined with artificial intelligence technology, find the optimal settings and download to the machine tool to achieve industry experience Shared intelligent production. In addition to participating in the 2017 China (Shanghai) Industry Fair, the “Cloud Platform Intelligent Drilling and Tapping System” also won the “Excellent Product Award” at the 19th China International High-tech Achievement Fair.
       In addition, through long-term industry-university-research cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Weihong has successively completed the “six-degree-of-freedom industrial robot control system”, “research and industrialization of CNC systems for 3C industry”, and “intelligent manufacturing-based industrial robot control system Industrialization “and other projects.
       The future is boundless, and the walkers have no boundaries. An innovation team with the participation of “production, learning, research, and use” is formed to create a leader in the CNC industry. Weihong Co., Ltd. is advancing in the direction of intelligent manufacturing!