Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet of Things Platform was selected as “2018 Shanghai Industrial APP Project and Application Demonstration Enterprise”

Recently, the list of “Shanghai Industrial APP Projects and Application Demonstration Enterprises in 2018” organized by the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission was released.
       The Municipal Economic Commission made a comprehensive assessment of the participating projects from the aspects of company projects, development status, research and development strength, and innovation capabilities. Grades.

       Weihong shares actively promoted the integration of industrialization and informationization, and completed the Weihong cloud platform based on the construction of industrial Internet based on motion control system.

       Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet of Things connects factories, equipment manufacturers and other technology suppliers, provides a dedicated production monitoring room and equipment maintenance platform for the factory, and provides a dedicated remote after-sales service platform for equipment manufacturers.
       Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet of Things supports the cloud and the device side. Users can operate through the WEB version and WeChat version. For different ports, its functions are also optimized accordingly. Based on the remote monitoring capabilities formed by the networking of machine tools, the Weihongyun Industrial Internet of Things platform combines mobile Internet and big data analysis technology. The manufacturing and management platform can remotely grasp the production status of machine tools and the health of equipment online anytime, anywhere, and realize the interconnection of industrial platforms Interoperability.
       The Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet of Things platform is widely used in manufacturing processes such as production processing, equipment maintenance, lease management, and after-sales service. By connecting smart devices, it breaks the constraints of time and space and opens up a new horizon of smart manufacturing processes.