2018 Wei Hongyun Summary: Honors and Challenges Are Together

Another year has passed, and in 2018 did you complete the goals set for 2016 that should have been completed in 2017? Come and watch the two-year-old Wei Hongyun grow up. Why did we choose New Year’s Day for a business review? Because New Year’s Day is not only the beginning of a year, but also the birthday of “Wei Hongyun”!       I. Wei Hongyun’s growth and witness together with you:

2. After the preliminary promotion in 2018, what achievements has Wei Hongyun achieved? Let’s find out through a wave of data:

       As of the end of December 2018, Weihongyun’s long-term machine tools have covered 131 cities in 28 provinces in China, reaching 27 countries on six continents, and reaching Brazil as far as possible ;
Guangdong Province        is the most concentrated  , accounting for 37% of the total, followed by Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang. In 2018, the industry was the busiest in April, with an average startup rate of 43%;
Guangdong Province still has the highest startup rate throughout the year. The average startup rate of the busy Guangdong manufacturing industry is as high as 54%, which is equivalent to an average of 13 hours of work per day.
       These machine tools are spread in five industries: metal, woodworking, water cutting, 3C, and laser cutting. The largest metal industry accounts for nearly 70% of the total. Among these industries, the metal industry is the busiest with an average startup rate of 44 %.

Third, this year, Wei Hongyun has also been recognized by some peers and competent authorities:

Included in the “2018 Shanghai Industrial APP Project and Application Demonstration Enterprise” list; in the “Six-Domain Internet of Things Top 100 List” released by Lianyuan Yuan was selected in the “Top 50 Industrial IoT Innovation Top 50” list; “Cloud Platform Intelligent Drilling” “Control System” won the “Shanghai Industry-University-Research Cooperation Excellent Project Award” in 2018.