To shoe mold manufacturers 丨 Take the right TA home before the Spring Festival

Poor cars and rich watches, but according to incomplete statistics, everyone loves to hang in the circle of friends: shoes!
Nowadays, consumers’ requirements for shoes are getting higher and higher. Not only must they have high value, but also require better functions and higher comfort, especially in the sole part. Major brand shoe factories spare no effort to develop and innovate. However, the sole mold life cycle is short, the replacement is fast, and the demand is increasing day by day. What is the process of shoe mold processing?

▲ Shoe mold processing process

For the processing in the process of casting shoe molds, Weihong has introduced a double-head control system and a single-head double-hang control system .

▲ Weihong shoe mold processing CNC system

I. Double-headed control system

▲ Double-head control system

Second, single head dual hanging control system

▲ Single head and double hanging control system  

Whether it is a double-headed system or a single-headed dual-hanging system, Weihong can achieve

high efficiency and save time.

The new algorithm super-optimizes the processing of a large number of small toolpaths in the shoe mold industry.
Assisting debugging

Auxiliary setting function, debugging the driver according to the waveform makes the processing effect more perfect.
Convenient maintenance

Weihong shoe mold processing CNC system has fully integrated Weihong cloud industrial IoT solution. Weihong CNC system manages the internal components such as drives and auxiliary equipment, and can provide a variety of data interfaces to the outside. The “Weihong Cloud” service can be plug-and-play, enabling production management, equipment management, remote assistance, etc. Data-driven production helps the company’s intelligent upgrade!

Five-axis dedicated shoe mold control system
In order to meet the needs of customers in the shoe mold processing industry, Weihong has increased its research and development efforts and investment, and leveraged its advantages in product technology innovation and independent development to develop five-axis shoe molds that support such machine tools. Machine software.

▲ Five-axis dedicated shoe mold control system

Committed to the user experience as the center, Weihong shares strictly control the product quality. After professional research and development and design, Weihong shares can provide the best solution for the shoe mold processing industry.