The most innovative and dynamic enterprise, the strength of Weihong shares explains the new momentum of innovation and development

 The four major awards of the 2018 Minhang District Outstanding Contribution Enterprise, the Most Growing Enterprise, the Most Innovative and Vigorous Enterprise, and the Most Socially Responsible Enterprise were announced. It is particularly worth mentioning that the 20 “2018 Most Innovative and Vigorous Enterprises” evaluated this time are all technology-based enterprises, and their strengths explain the new momentum of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology development!

       The District Educational Science and Technology Commission has selected the 20 most innovative and dynamic companies based on innovation vitality indicators such as the proportion of scientific and technological personnel, the proportion of R & D investment, net profit, number of invention patents, research and development capabilities, scientific and technological achievements, number of scientific and technological projects, and taxation. For its ability and vitality, Shanghai Weihong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. won this honor.

▲ Trophy certificate
      Unlimited innovation

       Since its establishment, Weihong has attached great importance to product development and technological innovation, and has continuously injected new impetus into the company’s development. In 2018, under the premise of ensuring the continuous growth of production and sales, Weihong has continuously introduced new products and released a series of new products: linear servo drives, multi-axis multi-channel CNC controllers, laser board and tube cutting bus systems, Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet of Things platform, etc. Gained universal market recognition.
       Behind the results, it is inseparable from Weihong’s emphasis on technological innovation. For a long time, there is a common problem in China’s numerical control field: “more than imitation, not enough innovation”. Weihong shares its contribution to the revitalization and development of National CNC, vigorously conduct product research and development, and implement a two-way innovation strategy. Outside, the company actively establishes long-term cooperative relationships with universities and colleges to give full play to the advantages of the school-enterprise joint venture. Inside, it vigorously develops talents, introduces advanced production equipment, optimizes testing links, and effectively improves product quality.
       In 2019, Weihong will continue to increase research and development efforts, promote the upgrade of the supply chain, and develop in a green and digital direction. At the same time, Weihong will continue to leverage its advantages in product technology innovation and independent development, continue to improve its sustainable development capabilities, seek truth and pragmatism, pioneer and innovate, and create new achievements, and continue to make greater contributions to the development of CNC intelligent manufacturing Contribution.