The establishment of the army achieves the Chinese spirit, Weihong joins the trend of intelligent manufacturing

“To realize the Chinese dream, we must carry forward the Chinese spirit. This is the national spirit with patriotism at the core and the spirit of the times with reform and innovation at the core. This spirit is the soul of rejuvenating the country and strengthening the country with one heart.

Modern Chinese Business Power

Growing up and down

New business power

The last century, 80 or so years

Re-sprouts and grows

Weihong shares experienced with it

From small to large

From weak to strong

From domestic to international

Is becoming a market economy in China

Most dynamic subject

Contributing to a strong country and a rich people

National revitalization: Take on the responsibility of intellectuals, and contribute to the revitalization and development of the national CNC industry!
Weihong shares since its inception

Adhere to the corporate mission of national rejuvenation

Based on the engraving machine motion control system

Weihong’s R & D innovation in the field of motion control

Helping the domestic engraving machine industry

Take off and take off

Weihong System

Weihong “Engraving Machine Motion Control System”

“Cutting Machine Motion Control System”, etc.

Has been widely used

Machining, mold making, metal cutting

3C glass precision processing, panel furniture cutting

Solid wood carving, advertising production, laser processing

Water jet processing, glass stone processing

And many other industries

And occupy the market heights


With the industry 4.0 arrival

Weihong actively promotes

The integration of industrialization and information

Responding to the call of “Made in China 2025 

Complete the motion control system

Industrial IoT construction

Weihong cloud platform emerged

Weihong cloud industry of things by the NC system purchased by the customer

Remote access CNC system IoT service platform

Not only real-time recording

Production process data and status

And through the CNC machine tool site

Sensor, camera

Can complete the machine without leaving the house

Remote monitoring, remote debugging, remote fault diagnosis

Remote function extension and upgrade

To improve customer service experience

Reduce operating costs

In order to provide users with more professional and timely services, Weihong shares offices in key sales regions across the country, and is equipped with a technical service team with complete professional knowledge and rich practical experience. Weihong Co., Ltd. has offices in major cities across the country, with its Shanghai headquarters as its center. Its service network covers 21 regions across the country. service.
New situation for the development of China’s CNC machine tool industry

Provides a good environment

Weihong will continue to improve its products and services

Seize the opportunity and make your own leap !!!