Tang Tongkui: There is no script in life

In 2017, the Financial Times’ global MBA ranking, Shanghai Jiaotong University’s Antai School of Economics and Management ranked 6th in the world, ranked 1st in the world for independent programs, and ranked among the top 10 in the world and 1st in Asia for 3 consecutive years.
Recently, Dr. Tong Tongkui, Chairman of Weihong Co., Ltd., was interviewed by the same classmate of Shanghai Jiaotong University Antai College of Economics and Management.
Q: Your dream was to be a scientist and professor?
A: When I was very young, I used “dreams” to make sentences. My dream was to become a scientist and professor. The dream of being a teacher has come true. I taught for a few years at university and then came out to start a business.
Q: Was the entrepreneurial or passive choice at the time?
Answer: It is more of a passive coincidence. I was introduced by Shanghai No. 3 Machine Tool Plant as a key scientific research talent at that time. However, for many reasons, the business template I was responsible for was cut off. Several of our peers stood in life. At the crossroads, with a hard spirit and dissatisfaction, he decided to start a business. We are eager to make some achievements in this field.
Question: What is the biggest feeling of the whole entrepreneurship along the way?
Answer: Life is not just a salary, but also a struggle with dreams. It is the most valuable quality of young people today.

Technology research and development, professional concentration,

Weihong focuses on the control system of the engraving machine. After more than ten years of hard work, the core products independently researched and developed by the company are “engraving machine motion control system” and “cutting machine motion control system”. Mold manufacturing, advertising production, laser processing and many other industries. “

Today, similar equipment in foreign countries has almost disappeared and has been completely replaced by domestic brands. We have branded the engraving machine control system in China with wisdom. “Compared to its peers, Weihong has obvious advantages and has maintained investment in technological research and innovation since its inception.” As of September 2017, we invested 31.5 million in research and development, accounting for 21% of operating income. Technical innovation Is the core of our development. “

With continuous R & D investment and years of accumulation, Weihong has a complete set of technologies and overall solutions with independent intellectual property rights, and provides flexible and diverse products and services according to market needs and user personality.” We advocate QA, not QC, Although the cost is sometimes increased, the end result is that our product failure is very low in the industry. This is the information feedback from our customers. “The

financial crisis, going the other way back,

recalling the company’s financial crisis in 2008-2009, Tang Tongkui took a deep breath, and then he said with insights.” At the end of 2008, the company as a whole did not even reach 30 people, and the economy was in recession. Many companies were unwilling to recruit people. At the time, we did the opposite and recruited a large number of people. “

It was precisely based on the original vision and guts that this group of employees recruited during the financial crisis played a crucial role in the subsequent development of the company.

Then why did you do this? Tang Tongkui explained without delay,” At the time we The company is small and many outstanding talents are reluctant to come. It is precisely at this juncture of the financial crisis that we seize the opportunity and recruit a large number of talents before we can build the talent team behind. “

At the end of 2009, the company has grown to more than 90 people. In April 2016, the company was listed on the GEM. Now there are nearly 600 employees. Without a script in life, you can win if you dare to fight. In this case, it is for Tang Tongkui, or for Victoria. Macros are the best footnotes of life.

The source of living water, corporate culture Runchunfeng

corporate culture is the driving force for a company to “live for the source”. At different stages of the company, its performance is also different. As Tang Tongkui said, “Corporate culture is our thinking, daily behavior The precipitation and sublimation of norms are formed slowly and naturally. We need clear-cut actions to interpret them. This has become the internal corporate culture of our company. “

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to” professional, attentive and dedicated ” Company’s corporate philosophy, is committed to the development of motion control products, based on the traditional engraving machine and engraving and milling machine control systems, and constantly develop new products to adapt to the application field.

On his tireless journey, he stated, “Professionalism means that we only do what we are good at, focus on is that we devote ourselves wholeheartedly, and focus is on that we only do one thing.”

Speaking of many companies in the current market ” Tong Tongkui, a common problem with doing everything, said, “First of all, we need to be professional enough in our own professional field, so that our products can quickly establish and develop in the market.”

For the values ​​and development of employees, he insisted on “integrity, “Innovative and pragmatic”, just like the science and technology man’s style, “We don’t want to be foolish, write code should be pragmatic and concise, do not show off skills, you can solve with one line of code without two lines, simple and practical is the last word.

Love is better than Jin Jian. The founding partner companions are

on the road of starting a business. It is very important to go forward with them. From Iron Triangle to Tang Zheng, love is better than Jin Jian. Their story and every decision affect the company. Direction of development.

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Tong Tongkui and Dr. Zheng Zhikai, Dr. Zheng also graduated from Jiaotong University with a doctoral degree. He has more than three years of classmates in the same class. Both of them know each other’s personality and ways of doing things.

Looking back on the running-in and support over the past few years, Tang Tongkui shared emotionally, “The two of us are the same mentor, and the feelings are deep. In the subsequent development of the company, we always adhere to the interests and development of the company as the primary starting point, and then trust each other. And dare to admit mistakes and compromises, and also study together to study. “

Bright lights guide, post-doctoral study in Antai

” drinking water source, patriotic glory school. “More than three years of Jiaotong University Engineering Ph.D., as quiet as rain, sneak into the Tong Tongkui In his heart, he enrolled in Jiaotong University Antai EMBA after graduating with his PhD.

“Antai’s two years of study, while improving my cognitive level and management ability, have also strengthened my determination to hope that the company can go public.” Tang Tongkui said that companies must go public to become bigger and stronger. Capabilities, corporate structure combing, and standardized operation and operation all pose new challenges and opportunities. Just like people, going public can build a strong physique, thereby promoting a century-old foundation. “Antai’s study gave me a bright light. I am very grateful for the new energy that Jiaotong University has given me.”

Shou Deyun Kai Fang Yueming, Wei Hong has a bright future.

In 2016, Tang Tongkui was selected by the Ministry of Science and Technology as “Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent”;

In 2017, he was selected as the national leader in science and technology entrepreneurship under the “Ten Thousand People Program”.

He believes that this is an honor belonging to all Weihong people. At the beginning, he took a certain risk and dared to continue to increase investment in research and development. When he turned back and combed all this, he felt that everything was worth it.

“Keep technical innovation and management innovation.” Shoude Yunkai Fang Yueming and Tang Weikui’s “Weihongren” look forward to speeding up the development of overseas markets in the next 3-5 years and gradually becoming an international company with motion control Wherever there are Weihong products!